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過去tw「三角形の円周を見た男」の話より (Phantom Notesの訳はまた別途に) http://togetter.com/t/tw21h Susumu Hirasawa's stream of tweets starting at 21:00 JST in all except Wednesdays, which often is challenging to comprehend even for native Japanese speakers. Despite that, some multilingual fans are attempting to translate his tweets into 三角形の円周を見た男の話 http://susumuhirasawa.com/phantom-notes/2008/07/03/98 続きを読む


I go to Balance Spot, sip a cup of coffee and do "people observation".

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New entry: The Man who saw the Circumference of a Triangle (三角形の円周を見た男) hirasawaglossary.tumblr.com/post/156808998…

2017-02-06 03:30:38

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Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

三角形の円周よりごきげんよう!私の斜め前に「三角形の円周を見た男」http://bit.ly/llDbIT がいる。

2011-06-25 10:44:59
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz Jun25/2011 Greeting from circumference on a triangle! "The man who saw the circumference on a triangle" is diaginally in front of me.

2017-01-28 10:54:01

Written by Japanese. It will be translated sometime.




※写真は上記リンク先で For view this photo, using the above following link

Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz #twhz July16/2011 I talked to "the man who saw the circumference of a triangle" after so long. noroom.chaosunion.com/modules/phanto…

2017-01-28 14:27:31
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2011-07-16 11:06:47
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz July16/2011 A photo of "the man who saw the circumference of a triangle" shot at the order "Senpai[senior], make me look young."...

2017-01-28 11:38:56
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz July16/2011 ..."Don't shoot more than 3 photos, Senpai. Only 3, OK?"

2017-01-28 11:39:45
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2011-07-16 11:10:07
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz July16/2011 He was with a middle-aged woman. After she left, I greeted him...

2017-01-28 11:48:35
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz July16/2011 …The man who saw the circumference of a triangle(Triangle Man) said, "Yo Senpai, how is your job going?" I answered,"Busy"

2017-01-28 11:48:56
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

三角男「先輩クラスになるとそうだな。ダメだよ、こんなとこで遊んでちゃ」 平沢「兄さんはどうなのよ」 三角男「オレはダメだ。さっきここに居たバカ女いるだろ?あれバカなんだ、ホント。先輩入ってきたの見てよ、"あの人芸能人じゃないの?"なんか言ってよ、バカ言ってんじゃないよ」

2011-07-16 11:14:23
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz Jyly16/2011 Triangle Man: "Senpai at your class should be busy. You shouldn't be goofing off at a place like this."

2017-01-28 12:03:15
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz Jyly16/2011 Hirasawa: "How about you, brother?" Triangle Man: "I'm no good."

2017-01-28 12:04:06
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz Jyly16/2011 Triangle Man: "Remember the stupid woman I was with just now? She's really stupid."

2017-01-28 12:04:44
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz Jyly16/2011 Triangle Man: "She saw you came and said, 'That man must be an artist or something. Isn't he?' ’Don't be silly’, I said."

2017-01-28 12:06:00
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

三角男「有名人はオレだっつーの。あのバカ女、自分が飲んだジュースの値(量のこと)も知らねーんだ。知らなきゃ計れっつーの」 平沢「ところで兄さん、仕事なにやってんの?」 三角男「オレ、マスコミやってっから」

2011-07-16 11:17:57
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz #twhz July16/2011 Triangle Man:"I AM the celebrity, you know."

2017-01-28 16:04:29