新しい教師研修の形のEdCampが東京のK-International SchooL of Tokyoで2017年4月8日に開催されました。
Greg Feezell @g33f33

Not fake news nor an April Fool Joke: #edcamptokyo is 1 week away. Register now!!! edcamptokyo.wordpress.com/registration/

2017-04-01 10:59:13
Leslie Ann @tokyolibrarian

maybe I should ask about "social media for professionals" at #edcampTokyo today

2017-04-08 07:43:25
Leslie Ann @tokyolibrarian

おはようございます! it's #EdCampTokyo day!! (lovely weather we're having, eh?) pic.twitter.com/JB0MWB0et3

2017-04-08 08:08:47
Jim Tittsler @jtittsler

#EdCampTokyo self-organization in progress at K International School on a rainy Tokyo Saturday. pic.twitter.com/6s3pwI68Kg

2017-04-08 09:42:34
Yoshifumi Murakami 『語学教師のためのVR入門』発売中! @Midogonpapa

行きたいセッションにチェックマークで投票していきます。候補が多い時は人気のあるセッションだけ実施されます。#edcamptokyo pic.twitter.com/RmXiZbrPk4

2017-04-08 09:48:00
Kaori Sensei @kaoatwork

#Edcamptokyo has started. Lots of great ideas suggested for discussion! pic.twitter.com/5fq8oKxl8B

2017-04-08 10:20:59
Bart Miller @BarMillEDU

Student panel session is proving to be enlightening. Discussing using online resources for learning outside of school. #edcamptokyo

2017-04-08 10:26:49
Kaori Sensei @kaoatwork

K-12 and university educators are having great discussion on e-Portfolio in education! #seesaw, blogs, student's ownership... #EdcampTokyo pic.twitter.com/3DLRadRNqk

2017-04-08 11:02:13
Kaori Sensei @kaoatwork

@MrTowse @rabpaterson @EdcampTokyo @rabpaterson @MrTowse Thanks for facilitating the session and sharing your expertise! Worth getting up early on Sat morning. #EdcampTokyo

2017-04-08 11:37:34
Leslie Ann @tokyolibrarian

some online professional development resources suggested at today's session #edcampTokyo pic.twitter.com/PU32I0gPFz

2017-04-08 12:23:30
Leslie Ann @tokyolibrarian

starting in five minutes! meet us in the elementary library!! (third floor elementary building) #edcampTokyo twitter.com/tokyolibrarian…

2017-04-08 13:14:45
inovateach @inovateach

Wow I see @rabpaterson there.... I got recently my #seesaw educator certification ... Hope I can present one day at #edcamptokyo twitter.com/kaoatwork/stat…

2017-04-08 13:37:39
Bart Miller @BarMillEDU

Critical thinking at #edcamptokyo: Engage with complexity through physical modeling and role playing.

2017-04-08 13:52:55
Bart Miller @BarMillEDU

Be wary of visual models for complex concepts because they can limit independent, critical thinking. #edcamptokyo

2017-04-08 14:09:12