[JE5] Japan earthquake Info in English #jishin_e 3/23 01:50JST

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UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN62 depending on the form of the substance and the part of the body the substance is taken in. #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:59:48
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN61 The time required for those substances to be absorbed in and excreted from a human body is different #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:59:10
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN60 You probably heard of iodine and cesium as radioactive substances which can be scattered from a nuclear power plant. #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:58:08
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN58 But, even if a radioactive material is taken in a human body, #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:55:30
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN57 because once radioactive materials are in your body, you cannot escape the exposure. #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:53:17
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN56 internal exposure can be said to be more dangerous #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:52:29
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN55 The impact of radiation on a human body is equal for both external and internal exposure. #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:50:15
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN54 Data on radiation protection for pregnant women are compiled by the International Commission on Radiological Protection. #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:48:47
UMDS English 流科の英語教育 @umdsenglish

*TN53 It has been shown that accumulation of less than 100mSv(millisievert) does not have impact on fetus after that period. #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:45:10
Manga University @mangauniversity

Swarm of late-night aftershocks is making it hard to get any sleep. #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:40:02
九曜@navagraha_@mastodon.juggler.jp @navagraha_

UPDATE! (-03/23/00:00) "20110311 JAPAN MEGAQUAKE M9.0 -ENGLISH NEWS TL (13)-" http://togetter.com/li/114726 #jishin_e

2011-03-23 01:02:36
こころびとJUN @kokorobitojun

Japan Rheumatism Foundation Information Center RT “@nhk_seikatsu: 【リウマチ】日本リウマチ財団HP( http://t.co/bCZle6f )を。(16:20) #jishin_e

2011-03-23 00:53:25
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

Electricity has been restored to the control room for 3rd & 4th reactors at Fukushima #1 Plant. Filtering to begin. #jishin_e #japantsunami

2011-03-23 00:12:16
松本佳彦 @ymatz

TEPCO bl'out for Mar 23 announced. Within several days grps will be subdivided to provide more accurate plans http://t.co/mU3tZdd #jishin_e

2011-03-22 23:37:28
GATmac 5 @gatmac

More died when the Fujinuma Dam burst in Fukushima during #jishin_e. Lack of fear of dams is more irrational. @baronsarwar @sipeki

2011-03-22 23:30:36
momoakira⭕️💉×5 @momoakira

【News Flash】Central control room Lightened up, at Fukushima newclear plant RT @NHK_PR 【ニュース速報】福島第一原発3号機 中央制御室に通電し照明が点灯 #jishin_e 

2011-03-22 23:30:07
mmyy9 @mmyy9

#jishin_e RT @RedCross: >122,000 blankets and 8,600 emergency kits (flashlights, radios, etc.) have been give… (cont) http://deck.ly/~Hu1Gi

2011-03-22 23:03:36
mmyy9 @mmyy9

#jishin_e RT @JPN_PMO: Int'l Organizations have issued no restrictions on travel to Japan. http://bit.ly/gzva4z, http://bit.ly/eapGq4

2011-03-22 23:02:10
mmyy9 @mmyy9

#jishin_e RT @JPN_PMO: Message from Prime Minister Naoto Kan Regarding Assistance Received from Overseas.http://bit.ly/ewQ1rp

2011-03-22 22:49:02
Kiyoshi Hara 🥓 @discardedbacon

.@yubisashi_news is distributing a 9-language pictogram sheet for EQ relief/survival. Free PDF download. http://bit.ly/gVkOUV #jishin_e

2011-03-22 22:47:14
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