2017/10/17- 10/31 #twhz 21h(JST)/ English

日本人でもよく分からない平沢進21時定時ツイート(twhz)の英語翻訳に挑む。https://togetter.com/t/tw21h Susumu Hirasawa's stream of tweets starting at 21:00 JST in all except Wednesdays, which often is challenging to comprehend even for native Japanese speakers. Despite that, some multilingual fans are attempting to translate his tweets into English for better understanding. 続きを読む
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Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I keep being "Hirasawa" by "forgetting what was in the past".

2017-10-31 23:33:12
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz So, I tend to do something different from the live show because I have already forgotten about it.

2017-10-31 23:33:27
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

例えばライブではギターが入っていないところに入っており、しかし、そのような曲が2曲有り、どちらかはボツになるのである。 「どちらもくれ~」という声はなぎ倒す。足蹴にする。鎖骨を折る。頭骸骨を陥没させる。

2017-10-31 21:42:38
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz For instance, in the track, I put a guitar phrase in the part where I didn't play the guitar in the show. And I have two such songs,…

2017-10-31 23:40:06
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz …one of which being discarded. If you say "Release both songs!", I'll step on you,kick you,break your clavicle, and dent your skulls.

2017-10-31 23:43:51
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-10-31 21:47:39
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz It is decided that there should be three songs in the package, and so one of the tracks is to vanish without being heard by anyone.

2017-10-31 23:47:12
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-10-31 21:51:57
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz #twhz If a record company has this kind of recording, it'd be released as "an unreleased rare track" or something in foreign language

2017-11-01 00:18:24
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz ... after 10 years or so. However, the person in charge of the recorded tracks is myself in Teslakite Label.

2017-10-31 23:55:50
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I am the president of the company who is also the guard of the storage room as well as a singer, also who commutes by bicycle.

2017-10-31 23:56:22
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I exercise my self-control.

2017-10-31 23:57:10
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-10-31 21:59:57
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I have just controlled that nobody would release the songs that were not released by the artist, myself, after my death.

2017-11-01 00:00:03
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

そんなもん、どんな学術的、歴史的、営業的理由があろうと出しちゃダメ。 見つけたらそっとしておく。

2017-10-31 22:02:44
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz Such tracks should not be released, no matter what kind of academic, historical or commercial reasons they have.

2017-11-01 00:02:46
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz If they discover such songs, they should keep them untouched.

2017-11-01 00:02:59
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

みたいなことを自粛いたしました。 あ、今夜も訪れた22時。 帰らなくては。 おじゃまさま!!

2017-10-31 22:04:25
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I have controlled such things. Ah, 22:00 has come again tonight. I have to leave. Sorry about bothering you!!

2017-11-01 00:05:02


I had interesting experiences in different cities on promotion tours.

平沢進・公式サイト @Hirasawa_Info

「平沢進のBack Space Pass 第9曼荼羅編」を2017年11月5日(日)21時より放送致します。 公開場所は、当日こちらのアカウントよりアナウンス致します。 詳細はこちら: susumuhirasawa.com/information/ar…

2017-10-30 17:50:21

Susumu Hirasawa's Back Space Pass On November 05, 2017(Sun) on "Dai9 (The Ninth) Mandala" 21:00 JST.
We will post BSP's URL here on the day.

リンク Hirasawa Glossary Back Space Pass (バック・スペース・パス) Series of live streams held at Hirasawa’s whim, generally with a Q&A aspect. The first one was made to promote The Method of the Live 2: The Magic for introduction, on the second Hirasawa reflected on...
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