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Stipe Miocic @stipemiocic
There is a new baddest man on the planet. First responders are always answering the call of duty and helping those in need regardless of circumstance. I am proud to be a firefighter. pic.twitter.com/WfuYtmdD8Z
Stipe Miocic @stipemiocic

Greatest Heavyweight of All Time

Anthony W @Enlightenment43
@stipemiocic You sir are a legendary fighter. And I'm sure a great father, and firefighter. Lucky to have you
Stuart Alan Booth @Stuartbooth28
@stipemiocic You and your brothers are doing your country proud under the most dire conditions imaginable. I really hope you save as many as possible, and get through the other side of all this in one piece. Best wishes from the UK!
JCW @JrJwerner3
@stipemiocic That is just insane. It looks like something in a movie done with computerized special effects. Unfortunately it's very real and causing death and destruction in it's path. And these brave men and are right in the of it. God Bless them and keep them safe.
Brian McLaughlin @BrianMcL74
@stipemiocic I am a retired Police Officer and that is top of the food chain bad. Tremendous bravery and dedication.
@stipemiocic Stipe “the baddest man on the 🌎” Miocic ❤️❤️❤️
Barbara Cibella @BabsCib
@stipemiocic Absolutely breathtaking..... god bless you for a safe return!
Sean Hamilton @ham968
@stipemiocic I am currently opening a brewery in downtown Akron called @MissingFallsBru all veterans and first responders will receive a 5% discount every day to show our thanks.
Inocencia @BogotaMama90
@stipemiocic The baddest man on the planet is who? The firefighter? Or the first responder in general? I think any of the honorable men or women that put their lives in danger for their countrymen are more than the baddest on the planet. That’s saint level business right there 👍🏼🙏🏼🙌🏽
理表 @Rihyo37
この世の終わりの光景に見える。 twitter.com/stipemiocic/st…
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聖夜 @say_ya 2018年11月18日
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まとめ内にある映画がなんで「バックドラフト」なんだろうね? 今時の映画で山火事消防なら「オンリーザブレイブ」だろうに。