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737MAXの件( )から続く事故後の経過です。気合さえ続けば随時更新。 1 3 ここ 4 続きを読む
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

The 737 Max crisis could destroy Boeing's plans for the 797 - CNN… 737MAXクライシスが797計画をぶちこわしにする可能性についての話

2019-08-14 14:15:10
Dominic Gates @dominicgates

Southwest, a stalwart Boeing 737 MAX customer, eyes other jets… via @seattletimes

2019-08-14 06:49:08
サキノハカ @sakino_haka


2019-08-14 19:04:23
Robert Wall @R_Wall

Boeing v Airbus 2019 aircraft deliveries (through July) Boeing: 258; Airbus 458 2019 net orders (through July) Boeing: -88 Airbus: 79

2019-08-14 01:27:12
Dominic Gates @dominicgates

For the first time, last month Boeing delivered ZERO commercial 737s. Production of the 737NG is finished. Only the grounded 737 MAX remains.…

2019-08-14 09:52:56
Dominic Gates @dominicgates

Norwegian to Discontinue its Transatlantic 737 MAX Routes - Decision follows months of substitute aircraft covering the airline’s routes due to the global 737 MAX grounding. "These routes are no longer commercially viable."…

2019-08-14 08:02:34
Dominic Gates @dominicgates

Aer Lingus has begun flying the Airbus A321LR across the Atlantic.…

2019-08-14 08:09:18
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

ノルウェー・エアシャトルが737MAX復帰の不透明性から大西洋横断便を廃止する一方、エアリンガスはA321LRで大西洋横断便の運行を開始したのだった( ˘ω˘)明暗

2019-08-14 19:11:12

Why the 737 Max grounding messes with airline schedules more than you think

2019-08-14 20:00:54
Irish Examiner Business @ExaminerBiz

Travel agents: Norwegian pull-out a big blow to Cork and Shannon airports

2019-08-14 17:55:23
Reuters @Reuters

Lion Air 'urgently requires' more 737 MAX jets to support growth: co-founder

2019-08-14 21:11:34
Jamie Freed @Jamie_Freed

Lion Air 'urgently requires' more 737 MAX jets to support growth, although taking them is subject to regulatory approval and negotiations with Boeing, co-founder says…

2019-08-14 20:25:25
The Air Current @theaircurrent

SCOOP: Boeing 'mothballing' development of ultra-long range 777X #staycurrent

2019-08-15 07:21:11
Dominic Gates @dominicgates

The 777-9X won't fly until next year, raising the risk to the planned 2020 delivery. Meanwhile, the smaller, longer-range 777-8X has been put on the back burner and will likely slip out past 2022.…

2019-08-15 07:32:13
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

ボーイングいよいよてんやわんや状態で、737MAX問題の解決と777X開発に注力するとのことですが、当初2020年予定だった777-9Xのデリバリーは正直間に合いそうないし、777-8X(9Xより長距離タイプ)は開発を後回しにして2022年まで延びるかもみたいな話 >RT

2019-08-15 08:11:43
Pontos e Viagens @milhasedestinos

@jonostrower This has a direct impact on the Sunrise Project, right?

2019-08-15 07:47:34
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

Check out this article: Qantas on track to make Project Sunrise decision by end of 2019 -… これカンタス航空が777XとA350を運用する前提で組んでた計画「プロジェクト・サンライズ」、内容としてはオーストラリア東海岸からアメリカへの直行便の立ち上げ

2019-08-15 08:17:42
Bloomberg @business

Expat pilot turns self-styled whistle-blower after 737 Max crash

2019-08-14 14:56:37
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

そうね たぶんETHさんも非がないわけではない…例えばメーカーの言うことを信じきらずに、パイロット側からの航空機の不備についてのフィードバックが社内における運用の注意点として周知されていたなら、それこそアメリカン航空やサウスウエスト航空みたいに「事故は起こさずに済んだ」かもしれない

2019-08-15 10:45:12
サキノハカ @sakino_haka


2019-08-15 10:47:36
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

Boeing 737 Max Jet: Lion Air Wants More Despite Safety Issues…

2019-08-15 10:51:25
Business Insider @BusinessInsider

Boeing hasn't sold a single 737 Max in months, prolonging a drought as the company struggles to return the plane to service…

2019-08-15 03:16:15
Ralph Nader @RalphNader

With the Boeing 737 MAX Grounded, Top Boeing Bosses Must Testify Before Congress Now… via @RalphNader

2019-08-14 23:37:09
ロイター ワールド @ReutersJpWorld


2019-08-15 14:21:06
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2019-08-15 14:56:11