Museum Next (first day)

"MuseumNext is establishing a reputation as Europe’s major conference on how museums and galleries can benefit from new technology and the latest web trends." tweets chosen from hashtag#MuseumNext 続きを読む
Oslo Museum @OsloMuseum
RT @followamuseum: MuseumNext, Europe's big conference on the digital side of museums is taking place in Edinburgh. Follow the hashtag #MuseumNext
Annette Mees @AnnetteMees
Interesting digital participation project at Brooklyn Museum - via several people at #museumnext
MuseumNext @MuseumNext
RT @richmintz: In Bk Museum's crowd-rating project, surprisingly broad agreement across knowledge groups about which works were in the top ten #MuseumNext
cassielouise @cassielouise
#museumnext Brooklyn Museum created 'tag cloud of images' to show relative voting of photos in Click exhibition.
Joel Wolter @JoelWolter
Brooklyn museum is ACTIVATING it's visitors! #museumnext
Dr Mia Ridge @mia_out
Brooklyn's Click - 6 months from the time the idea proposed to opening in gallery; org used to thinking 3 or 4 years in advance #museumnext
Colleen Miner @colleenmminer
Metrics on Click! Show amazing: 3,344 participants, 22 seconds on each work, average evaluator spend 1-4 hours on website. #museumnext
cliff manning @cliffmanning
Click! Worked because the question was taken seriously and valued by the museum #museumnext
Jenni Fuchs | The Bear & The Fox @bearandfoxblog
Book recommendation from @shell7 'The Wisdom of Crowds' by James Surowiecki #MuseumNext
Dr Lynda Kelly @lyndakelly61
@clairey_ross We need both - how many + what they experience, museums bad at demonstrating latter there4 funders dont value it #MuseumNext
glynis powell @mdoness
RT @lyndakelly61: Reminds me of a fave quote: "Its not how many people visit your museum, its how valuable are their visits" Need qual+quant #MuseumNext
Wade Dansby 3 @beedevil3
Brooklyn museum talking about creating user engagement. #museumnext
Mar Dixon 😷❤️👍🏼 @MarDixon
#MuseumNext @shell7 Think about visitors experience. Based on book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Cognitive thinking will affect decision making
Claire Bailey-Ross @clairey_ross
How do our visitors see? Split second choices- is the label 1 of them? split second reaction vs interpretation #MuseumNext
Mar Dixon 😷❤️👍🏼 @MarDixon
#MuseumNext @shell7 How do our visitors see? Visitors make choices - what will you spend time with? Will you read the label? time spent?
glynis powell @mdoness
RT @cassielouise: #museumnext @BrooklynMusem showing people behind the scenes, making voices visible via social media, letting visitors comment to help others
Claire Bailey-Ross @clairey_ross
Must read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Split second decisions in museums 6secs per artwork #MuseumNext
Dr Lynda Kelly @lyndakelly61
Visitors often make up their minds in less than 6 seconds even before they enter the door! #MuseumNext
Claire @comcomclaire
En moyenne 7 sec dvt une œuvre au musée. Qd on donne le meme temps online pour choisir, l'internaute flippe! #museumnext #brooklynmuseum
Raphaëlle Heaf @raphaelleheaf
#Museumnext @brooklynmuseum using split second decisions to understand how viewers judge art in a 'hot or not' fashion
MuseumNext @MuseumNext
Clear message from Shelley Bernstein, READ BOOKS! #MuseumNext
cassielouise @cassielouise
#museumnext I love the way Brooklyn Museum can relate their online work to the the books that inspired them plus their mission statement.
Denise Drake @Niecieden
@shell7 Brooklyn Museum thinks outside the box in terms of mission #museumnext
MuseumNext @MuseumNext
Make friends with advocates in your museum #MuseumNext