DriverBunny37 @DriverBunny37

My little Wooloo - in 3D !😊 Maybe one day i could make a pokemon game full with this kind of "pokemon".😆 #wooloo #PokemonSwordShield

2019-09-26 22:56:23


ᴸᴬʸᴺᴬ ꝈąZ̴̞̬̒̄ąɾ💉 @LaynaLazar

@DriverBunny37 All your sculpts are so inspiring!! I can't put my finger on your render program though!!!? May I ask? I'm thinking it's marmoset but maybe Arnold? I looked in the comments first but no answer 😭 I'm so flippin curious 😢

2019-09-27 09:02:26
DriverBunny37 @DriverBunny37

@LaynaLazar It's just Blender's native renderer Cycles.

2019-09-27 14:06:37
✨DongYuulHan🔞✨💦 @DongYuulHan

@DriverBunny37 Can I make a fanart of this version? I really like it O: <3

2019-09-27 04:47:37
Aki 💜 @AkiraReddo

@DriverBunny37 Hello ^^ sorry but can you tell me what program did you used?

2019-09-27 04:47:26
DriverBunny37 @DriverBunny37

@Akira_Reddo It's blender and i rendered it with blender's native render cycles.

2019-09-27 14:08:56
Lili 🇦🇺 😩🤙💕 @MallowMug

@DriverBunny37 @lovelyrosebun I’m drawing fanart of her, don’t worry I’ll credit you!

2019-09-27 16:32:57
DriverBunny37 @DriverBunny37

@MallowMug @lovelyrosebun Don't worry the credit thing. everyone's wooloo fanart are almost the similar look and everyone should have the right do their wooloo fanarts. feel free do it.👌

2019-09-27 17:37:17
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ヒツまぶし @bCSFfduZVCCTrYe 2019年9月29日
せせり @alice638 2019年9月29日
この系統は巨乳でこそないがミミロップがいるからなあ。 個人的に元がもふもふしてる子の擬人化はもっと全身もふもふしててほしい。