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リンク Bounding Into Comics 1675 NME Journalist James McMahon: "F*** That Ghostbusters Trailer. You Don't Reward Regressive Fanboys" - Bounding Into Comics NME Journalist James McMahon took to Twitter to decry the first Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer. McMahon wrote on Twitter: “F*** that Ghostbusters trailer. You don’t reward regressive fanboys – many of whom created an atmosphere of racist, mysoginist toxi

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Fuck that Ghostbusters trailer. You don’t reward regressive fanboys - many of whom created an atmosphere of racist, mysoginist toxicity that led to a leading lady leaving this very platform - by MAKING THE VERY FILM THEY WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE



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lmao of course Ghostbusters: Afterlife is about family and lineage and legacy and all these other fucking white patriarchal American values. It's literally a reaction to the idea of 4 women, including one Black woman. The franchise must assert its "REAL" predecessor.

ワロタ。Ghostbusters: Afterlifeが家族や血統や遺産やその他ファッキン白人父権主義アメリカ価値観についての映画なのは当たり前だ。文字通り、黒人女性を含めて、女のためと言うアイデアに対する反応だ。このフランチャイズは真の先人を明らかにするべきだ。


※エイズ関連の雑誌?サイト?のThe Bodyの編集者さん。翻訳したのは良いが、ぶっちゃけこのサイト、映画関係全体と何か関係有るのかな?記者の上に酷いこと言ってたからまとめられただけだと思う。

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This, of course, is not to discount Ghostbusters (2016), a film that was unfairly attacked by the worst kind of humans, (most of whom were men, because men are inherently emotional and irrational and get angry when women do anything, to which I say, go fuck yourselves dudes.)




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The reason #Ghostbusters2020 looks better than Ghostbusters 2016 isn't about politics or gender. It's about the fact that the new film seems like a love-letter made by a group of fans, and the 2016 film felt like something they made because they all had a free summer.



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GREAT Wonder Woman, Ghostbusters, and Black Widow trailers all within a few days! The common thread: studios are learning from disastrous (and pricey) 2017 & 2018 experiments. Don't screw with franchises. Don't mess with tone. Please customers, NOT critics. They're catching on.



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It's a Ghostbusters trailer that makes me want to see a Ghostbusters movie. Weird. I was told that I irrationally have a thing against Ghostbusters a few years ago. twitter.com/Ghostbusters/s…




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埃かぶった過去のマシーンを再び引っ張り出して戦うとか熱い展開が予想されて、普通に面白そうじゃん なんか色々あるようだけどさ、過去作ファンがいらないと言うなら全く新しい別の物を作ればいいだけ 新しい物作れないから過去作の威光を借りたい、でも過去作ファンはいらないとか虫が良過ぎやしませんかねぇ
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