Katherine Fletcher @kefletcher
#or11 #swordapp -- At SWORD workshop this morning. Well attended. Want to figure out how to use SWORD to support OER publishing.
Rob Sanderson @azaroth42
En route to Austin for #or11 :) first OR in a few years, looking forwards to it!
Atmire @atmire
@kimsheperd is live coding for the DSpace curation workshop audience: curation task to check item dates with the dspace date format #or11
Katherine Fletcher @kefletcher
MicroSoft Word has a SWORD deposit plugin and is used with DSpace #or11 #swordapp
John Doyle @seanoduill
I'm goin' down to Austin gonna have myself a time. #OR11
jamestoon @jamestoon
Hoping to chat with any shared repository owners/suppliers at #or11 (i.e. like White Rose http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/)
William J Nixon @williamjnixon
If SWORD is the answer, what is the question? Use of the Simple Web service Offering Repository Deposit protocol http://bit.ly/mC5clt #or11
David Wilcox @d_wilcox
Great turnout for the #Islandora session at #or11. Looking forward to the rest of the conference! #roblib
@jamestoon hit me up; the repo I run is for 26 state schools. I'll be there tomorrow afternoon. #or11
Andrea Kosavic @akosavic
#or11 I'm getting lots of great ideas from the SWORD course.
Alex Wade @alexwade
"Scholarship is the flow of ideas" - Jevin West http://t.co/5UYvVby discussing use of Microsoft Academic Search API at #OR11
Katherine Fletcher @kefletcher
#or11 #swordapp arXiv has SWORD service for depositing : http://j.mp/jAwgeB, & demo@Facebook - deposit & post in status http://j.mp/j1vn0Y.
Katherine Fletcher @kefletcher
#swordapp #or11 -- More about SWORD deposit from Word -- http://j.mp/lMbEQH -- use fields for metadata (work continues, combine with excel)
amy buckland @jambina
@sshreeves @RepoRat i think the rest of #or11 should be held poolside. with margaritas.
I Forget @epilanthanomai
Setup trouble at wkshop, so folks made private fedora repos and *still* ingested through django/eulfedora in <2hrs. #or11 #devcsi
🏳️‍🌈🙃 ɯıʞ 🎶🎸 @kimshepherd
Cross-reference #or11 tweets with preconference events and workshops on this nifty timeline: http://bit.ly/km1GQT
William J Nixon @williamjnixon
MS Research pre-conference workshop on MS tools including Zentity and use of SharePoint #or11
DevCSI @devcsi
First interviews with the judges for the Dev Challenge at OR11, http://bit.ly/lOtWGM , #or11,#devcsi
William J Nixon @williamjnixon
Microsoft Academic Research search http://bit.ly/jfbOZP working with publishers and #openaccess repositories, initial focus on compsci #or11
William J Nixon @williamjnixon
Microsoft academic search has profiles & has been dealing with #authordisambiguation also been talking with #orcid #or11
William J Nixon @williamjnixon
Microsoft academic search provides visualisations. Can also be used to search for institutions and a public api will be made available #or11
petie @ptsefton
Recruiting for the dev challenge. Some ideas for entry themes courtesy of DSpace crew #OR11 #DevCSI - http://t.co/dChRh8R
José Carvalho @josekarvalho
At Microsoft Repository Tools Workshop in #OR11 - Check Academic Search » http://bit.ly/9zeyYx
José Carvalho @josekarvalho
Academic Search - The Author Profile of Ana Alice Baptista http://t.co/Vvfg8qr #OR11