槍が降ろうとも737MAXとボーイングの成り行きを見守るまとめ 9

AFP News Agency @AFP

#BREAKING Regulator test flight of Boeing 737 MAX delayed to May, according to sources

2020-04-08 04:25:04
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

Boeing Finds New Software Flaws on Max, Stands By Midyear Return - Bloomberg…

2020-04-08 22:02:20
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

Spirit AeroSystems halts production for Boeing jets indefinitely

2020-04-08 22:06:23
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

"House Democrats urge Boeing to take federal aid as plants shut down over coronavirus pandemic"…

2020-04-08 23:33:30
Aeronews @AeronewsGlobal

Boeing said late on Tuesday it will make 2 new software updates to the 737 MAX’s flight control computer as it works to win regulatory approval to resume flights after the jet was grounded following two fatal crashes in 5 months (1/2).…

2020-04-08 20:55:14
Aeronews @AeronewsGlobal

One issue involves hypothetical faults in the flight control computer microprocessor, which could potentially lead to a loss of control known as a runaway stabilizer, while the other issue could potentially lead to disengagement of the autopilot during final approach (2/2).

2020-04-08 20:55:59
Edward Russell @ByERussell

Boeing is a "one airplane company" right now, and the decisions it makes in the coming weeks on the future of its production facilities in the Seattle area and Charleston could shape it for decades to come, writes @jonostrower…

2020-04-09 00:42:28
FlightGlobal @FlightGlobal

Spirit AeroSystems furloughs Boeing programme workers

2020-04-09 02:35:08
Robert Wall @R_Wall

Coronavirus Pandemic Hits Plane Makers, Complicates 737 MAX Return… via @dougcameron

2020-04-09 05:26:10
乗りものニュース @TrafficNewsJp

「ドリームリフター」がパーツ輸送以外を担当するのは初だそうです。 【新型コロナ救援輸送にボーイングとエアバスが協力 「ドリームリフター」や新鋭機投入】

2020-04-09 10:26:01
The Register @TheRegister

Stop us if you've heard this before: Boeing's working on 737 Max software fixes for autopilot, stabilization bugs

2020-04-09 09:46:03
Barron's @barronsonline

Boeing ran into a new hiccup with the software on the 737 MAX jet, but the latest problems won’t derail the timeline for returning the plan to commercial service.

2020-04-08 23:44:07
Bloomberg @business

Boeing could tap aid with few strings attached, an analyst says

2020-04-09 06:36:06
Defense News @defense_news

Boeing’s KC-46 tanker now has a pathway for autonomous aerial refueling

2020-04-09 04:33:29
Valerie Insinna @ValerieInsinna

I know I promised this a week ago, but I finally wrote a story about how Thursday's KC-46 deal establishes a path to give the tanker autonomous refueling capabilities:…

2020-04-09 04:31:50
サキノハカ @sakino_haka

いまだペガサスちゃんは大変な問題児だけど立派な子に育ってほしい( ˘ω˘)

2020-04-09 13:50:28
Scott Hamilton @LeehamNews

Information is emerging @Boeing may have $10bn loan ready from feds, from multiple sources. Comes in nick of time. Supply chain was getting increasingly worried about Boeing's viability.

2020-04-10 10:31:51
Scott Hamilton @LeehamNews

More info: no guidelines, terms and conditions or application yet available for @Boeing (or pretty much anyone else), so no loan would appear as imminent as information suggests. Stay tuned.

2020-04-10 11:42:38
Jon Ostrower @jonostrower

Backing up @leehamnews on this one, I’m hearing similar details from one source who was aware of the transaction coming and another who pointed to the $10 billion figure.…

2020-04-10 10:49:06
Jon Ostrower @jonostrower

Further, it’s not clear that there will be any strings (an equity stake) attached to the loan, but it may be provided on commercial terms as to avoid the mother of all WTO protests from the EU.

2020-04-10 10:51:13
The Verge @verge

The ancient computers in the Boeing 737 Max are holding up a fix

2020-04-10 09:07:03