2020/06 CHIPTUNE Vol.25

とぼけがお NEW COVER 07/16 @to6okegao

RAPTURES EP | Key Blue keyblue.bandcamp.com/album/raptures… ArtworkもPiggy Trackerのミニマルなサンプルの感じの曲も良い(7/3のbandcampキャンペーン時に買うメモ) #postchiptune #chiptune #minimal #techno #LittleGPTracker pic.twitter.com/su97wLxNjW

2020-06-27 17:35:46
リンク Key Blue RAPTURES EP, by Key Blue 4 track album
Key Blue @keybluemusic

RAPTURES EP out now! Four cuts of shimmering, club-biased LittleGPTracker techno. keyblue.bandcamp.com/releases Special thanks to @PlanetZaxxon for mastering, @lxtxcx for the amazing art, and @catskullelec for releasing. #chiptune #techno

2020-06-26 03:27:35
とぼけがお NEW COVER 07/16 @to6okegao

KEY BLUE氏、2014年にOSC Boxからも別名義でLSDjを使ったリリースしていた方なんです Rackle Jackle​/​Nouveaux by Keaton | OSC BOX Records oscboxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rackle-j…

2020-05-28 20:18:23
Key Blue @keybluemusic

RAPTURES EP - piggy tracker PSP techno dancefloor killers, coming out next week with support from @catskullelec. #chiptune pic.twitter.com/OcLN3N0OqO

2020-06-20 08:07:10
#1 Dad @xxcatskullxx

Long-awaited debut release from Key Blue is finally out! Check it out for Piggy tracker greatness! twitter.com/keybluemusic/s…

2020-06-26 03:33:40
加山。 @x68303

Piggy Tracker → ひぎぃトラッカー → んほぉトラッカー → くっ殺せトラッカー

2014-11-16 11:43:53
赤帯 Takashi Kawano @aka_obi

@x68303 マニュアルにそれに似た言葉があるから困る

2014-11-16 12:00:39
リンク Apple Music Summertime.MID - EP por Niko! Álbum · 2020 · 5 músicas
Luka @LucarioCmxcv

so, i looked up this game and found out that the credits sequence has some Funny Dance Animations twitter.com/140VGM/status/…

2020-06-23 05:34:33
watson@MusMus @t_watson

チップチューン11曲セット|watson|pixivFANBOX watson.fanbox.cc/posts/1163714?…

2020-06-25 21:45:44
Trash80 @Trash80

Two streams tonight!!!!! Live performance for SLC chip @ facebook.com/events/2735443… I’ll be doing my usual live set with visuals! Followed by a full M8 breakdown and walk-through for Melbourne Chiptune Academy @ facebook.com/events/5779358… pic.twitter.com/RAkE2ZQS3k

2020-06-27 05:35:51

DHL 6.28 @datafruits.fm リンクはこちら💁‍♀️datafruits.fm/chat タイムテーブルができました! Smooth Jazz , Italo Disco, Synthwave, 80’s obscure 等 聞き応えのある内容です!是非日曜日の昼下がりにお会いしましょう^_^ pic.twitter.com/6ZLSD09i4i

2020-06-26 22:19:46
針鼠男 @harinezumiotoko

(FC/NES)デ・ブロック/De Block-Soundtrack youtu.be/ZJL1jID0fus 発売/開発:アテナ 発売日:1991年8月9日 スタッフクレジット無し。サウンドドライバは『デザエモン』と同じ。 bit.ly/2BI8VCU DE・BLOCK | プロジェクトEGG amusement-center.com/project/egg/cg… pic.twitter.com/qDiCxWEzql

2020-06-27 12:54:55
🕯Elias Josué🕯 @EliasJosue_

[WIP] Talvez eu goste um pouco de Thunder Force... só um pouquinho. Thunder Force V - Steel of Destiny pic.twitter.com/m1tSFsGysh

2020-06-27 13:46:23
Tukaari @Tukaari22

Practicing on Famitracker for a bit. Can you guess the name of the song? pic.twitter.com/BLarkqfrSb

2020-06-13 07:09:20
ColonelSandwich @SandwichColonel

Made a song using instruments from Mega Man 8 (Video is from Hover Racing on the PS1) pic.twitter.com/NmQ9aWZSCT

2020-06-27 05:07:49
emamouse @emamouse

Her name is ”heromi” The pronunciation of ”hero” is closer to heroin's hero. She is rumored to be a heroin addict, but the truth is unknown. twitter.com/emamouse/statu…

2020-06-27 04:31:06