2020/07 CHIPTUNE Vol.8

Leonardo Lima 🎹 @LeonardoLimaSW

Continuando com a ideia de postar minhas composições pra game com mais frequência.. segue um chiptune BRABO que fiz pro WarpZone. Bem no estilo Mega Drive, com slap bass frenético e caixa que parece um tiro. Ouçam no foninho 🎧✨ #gamedev #chiptune pic.twitter.com/X35E926qXf

2020-07-02 06:34:49
MIDIs on Display @OnlyMIDIs

tf4om48p_n.mid 03.24.13 / 107 KB Thunder Force IV - Omake 4 Roland SC-88Pro 「OZ」 pic.twitter.com/J3GoyJJLLf

2020-07-02 07:00:01
kumatan🎎 @kumakumakumaT_T

#mml2vgm TAG250 IDE 先日の演奏処理修正の続きで、リアルタイムにデータ送信していた個所をデバイスからのコールバックをトリガに送信するよう変更 github.com/kuma4649/mml2v…

2020-07-02 07:15:01
bryface @bryface

o dam that @ctrix64 shoutout in the latest 8-Bit Guy video youtube.com/watch?v=IA7REQ…

2020-07-02 07:45:13
針鼠男 @harinezumiotoko

怪盗 シュガー (ニンテンド ファミリーコンピュータ) 音楽 / Secret Ties (NES) Music / Soundtrack youtu.be/q65ZRhhmibw 開発:ビック東海、GRC 音楽:玉山文人 発売中止になった作品。音楽めっちゃカッコイイな。 pic.twitter.com/KFKTyxmw1o

2020-07-01 20:37:25
don’tblinkoryou’lldie @dboydchipmusic

---------------★★NEW RELEASE★★--------------- ★ Friday, July 3rd. A collection of songs written as early as 2014 that came from elsewhere (past compilations or SC). ★ Coming to a dboydchipmusic.bandcamp.com near youuuu~ #chiptune #VGM #rock #punk #postpunk

2020-07-02 04:10:48
Clayton Stroup @Clayton__Stroup

Kirby Super Star: Gourmet Race Pretty much every time I play #smashbros I think "man, I should really learn that Kirby tune". Well, I did that finally. #Kirby #nintendo #VGM @SSBUNews @NintendoAmerica @Fender @SwitchSmashBros pic.twitter.com/iCOvL4atMB

2020-07-02 01:54:51
STRUDELSOFT @strudelsoft

Earth Boy Advance - deleting trv​.​exe 3.5" FLOPPY DISK is now LIVE! Sales are open for 24 hours. strudelsoft.bandcamp.com/merch/earth-bo… pic.twitter.com/ha8ZObhlLE

2020-07-01 01:03:10
earth boy advance @earthboyadvance

Ayy check out my new floppy disk release thanks to @strudelsoft And u can stream this new track there! strudelsoft.bandcamp.com/album/trv-exe pic.twitter.com/EMehif5qzV

2020-07-02 03:18:16
Karakato @KarakatoDzo

Drew another character featured in a Megaman inspired game, The Angry Videogame Nerd, in the Classic MM style. Featured in the AVGN Adventures, a game so hard, you too will feel the anger the nerd experiences. #megaman #ロックマン #avgn #cinemassacre pic.twitter.com/c42iUuD0W3

2020-07-01 23:05:12
Jonne Kokkonen @laamaa

I seem to have sold all my Usb audio interfaces with any inputs 🤔 Luckily there's always a McGyver solution... pic.twitter.com/930xaUnzaB

2020-07-02 03:23:28
もりりん @mementomori72

進捗 glow mapのアレンジ,wip サビ前まで pic.twitter.com/Fy6e4mfsuI

2020-07-02 01:50:19
chiptuneshows @chiptuneshows

Metazoa livestream event! #chiptune 2020 july 12 (Sun) UTC 21:30 - 24:00 0r4 (@zeroerrequattro ) gwEm (gw3m ) Tobokegao (gameboy japanese 90s - Y2K female pops cover x LSDj sample cut-up set) stream →… instagram.com/p/CCGh0hADWGc/…

2020-07-01 23:18:09
YMCK staff @YMCK_staff

Sharaku Kobayashiさん主催の配信イベントにYokemuraがソロ出演致します。 PICOるの×8bitcafe ONLINE 2020年7月13日(月)20:30〜 2アカウント同時配信! ・8bitcafe youtubeアカウント LIVE配信(無料) ・ツイキャスプレミア配信 出演者副音声付き配信(¥500) twitcasting.tv/kobashara/shop… pic.twitter.com/T6XTK6DdCq

2020-07-01 21:18:46
The Dungeon Experience @JacobJanerka

Game pitch: Psychological horror comedy in which you get sucked into a 90's computer. pic.twitter.com/B88qrgiac3

2020-07-01 20:30:38