「福島ゲームジャム」つぶやきまとめ (8/27:開始-8/28:00:00)

福島県、南相馬市で開催中の地域と交流しつつ30時間でゲームを作るイベント、 「福島ゲームジャム」のつぶやきまとめです。 続きを読む
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

Starting shortly: Ustream broadcast on the upcoming Fukushima Game Jam: #fgj11 #fgj11en

2011-08-24 22:58:16
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"We'll also be introducing one of the Tokyo satellite venues later (the one at TUT). #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:10:49
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"FGJ is based on the Global Game Jam, an event where peeps create games in 48 hrs." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:12:05
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"Here's some footage from GGJ2011 Tokyo node, held earlier this year in January." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:13:05
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"We (student team "BaNyaK")covered the event non-stop for the 48-hour stretch." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:14:37
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"FGJ will bring together a total of 40-something participants from Tokyo & Tohoku." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:15:43
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"IGDA & organizing partners hope to build on FGJ & turn it into something long-term." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:17:34
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"BaNyaK sent a team to the Fukushima area yesterday to grab footage and interviews." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:18:37
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"Fukushima seems to be moving past the critical phase, though many roads were damaged" #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:20:26
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"We had to take many detours due to road damage and radiation-related restrictions." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:21:46
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"Minami Souma City, FGJ location, is close to the coastline - many homes were razed." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:23:10
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"Quite a number of residents have returned, prompting shops to re-open and serve them" #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:26:22
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"They had a local festival a few days before our visit, with good attendance." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:28:09
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"We hope FGJ serves as an opportunity for getting together and talking, as well." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:31:00
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"The Minami Soma City culture hall, venue for FGJ, looked very modern and clean." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:32:40
titspost @xenicalss

"The Minami Soma City culture hall, venue for FGJ, looked very modern and clean" #fgj11en (... buy soma online ->

2011-08-24 23:34:05
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"Tokyo is moving past the disasters somewhat - but in Fukushima, issue is ongoing." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:34:08
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"The people we talked to were very motivated towards rebuilding." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:35:46
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"Guest: Mr. Kensuke Tadano, Minami Soma City council member." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:37:11
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"Tadano: Local farms are attempting various initiatives to make up for the damage." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:38:57
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

"The radiation issues are creating various reputational barriers." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:40:26
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

Tadano: "I hope FGJ will bring people together to create something positive." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:42:04
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

BaNyaK: "Being on site and talking face-to-face tells you so much more." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:43:54
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

Tadano: "Games may be viable for raising awareness, garnering support, solving issues" #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:50:06
Garyou Tensei @Garyou_Tensei

Tadano: "There's a lot information technology can accomplish in the affected areas." #fgj11en ( #BNK_Project live at

2011-08-24 23:56:12
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