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リビア南部のセブハー Sebha という町について、ツイートの検索結果のアーカイヴです(とりあえず何でも入れてある状態)。現在、ここにはカダフィ派の兵力が移動してきているとか、住民の方々は食料や水が不足するなどかなり危機的な状況にあるといった情報が、北部(海岸の方)にくらべればごくわずかですが、入ってきています。
Mohamed Aleeby @SayNoToGaddafi

Right. Time to reveal where I am from. I am from Tamanhint 30 KM north from Sebha. We have created a Local Council and raised the indp. flag

2011-08-25 02:24:40
Hadzuki @Hadzuki_desert

Libya: what about the south? | Alex Warren via @guardian このセブハーの風景描写はちょっとだけど、南部の重要性はもっと話題になっていい。 #libjp #Libya #sebha

2011-08-25 21:17:29
MEES @MeesEnergy

#Libya(n) rebels announced an amnesty for anyone within #Gaddafi’s inner circle who captures or kills ... #Sirte #Sebha

2011-08-25 22:16:40
septimius severus @septimius_sever

BREAKING: Gaddafi is reported to be in Bab alzizya, AbuSalim and near the airport! Which means he is either in Sebha or Sirte ! #Libya

2011-08-26 00:11:35
Blake News @blakehounshell

The Economist says loyalist brigades retreated from Bab al-Aziziya to Sebha and Jufra #Libya

2011-08-26 04:09:35

@IbnOmar2005 All my serches led me to Sebha....there is a secret bunker 282meters deep U-shape..a serbia army brigade there

2011-08-26 08:31:30

Met a fellow Libyan from Sebha today, asked if my family back home were safe from NATO, I almost lost it.Told him these were lies to confuse

2011-08-26 10:59:59

Free #Sebha, Free #Sirte, Free #Zuara, Free #Asaab'a, Free #Weddan, Free #Al-Jufrah

2011-08-26 15:25:25
ß۞ɢʜᴏsᴛ〰〰ʀıᴅᴇʀ @Sainsburyfree

##Freedomfighters de Sebha assaut militaire des services secrets QG et libéré #AlKarda & #AlManschija. ##Libye Feb17

2011-08-26 23:36:56
chantalrebelle @chantalrebelle

Resistants de Sebha assaut militaire des services secrets QG et libéré AlKarda & AlManschija #libye

2011-08-26 23:37:27
priffe @priffe

#Libya #Q #Guide #Colonel #Qadafi is in Sebha, good people in the village $1,3M is waiting at the end of the rainbow...

2011-08-27 00:15:47
B. Antonello Barone @Antonello2011

#Gheddafi è a Sirte, no a Tripoli, no nel deserto verso Sebha. Uno e trino.

2011-08-27 02:52:03

FF should cement (hold tight)& negitiate syrender/amnestia in SIRTE & head 600km south in SEBHA/Gadafi in bunker within Sirte airport area

2011-08-27 04:37:44
Noticias de Libia @NoticiasdeLibia

Las fuerzas de Gadafi siguen combatiendo en Sebha y Sirte - #Libia

2011-08-27 05:04:12
Sakr Sabatash @Sakr_17Feb

Touwar Sebha should get more air support from NATO, the connection between Sirte & Sebha should be completely severed

2011-08-27 06:45:19
Rida @RidazLP

#Sebha : FF from neighboring districts have arrived to Qurda waiting on forces from FLA to liberate sebha . via @sabha17feb #Feb17 #Libya

2011-08-27 07:46:28
chantalrebelle @chantalrebelle

Sebha: resistants des districts voisins sont arrivés à Qurda attente sur les forces du FLA pour libérer Sebha #libye

2011-08-27 08:11:44
Mohamed Aleeby @SayNoToGaddafi

@bugpopper Shatty, nothing much, just electricity down and comms too. Sebha is a diff story. Battles going, how intense I couldn't find out

2011-08-27 08:23:40
Muhammad Zafrullah @mzafrullah Sirte and Sebha, holding your personal/tribal loyalties above your loyalties to Libya is inviting disaster.

2011-08-27 09:41:08
Marguerite Dehler @Marguer_d

:D RT @saynotogaddafi: @bugpopper ... I am from Tamanhint, near Samnu! Small village, relatives have now joined fight in #Sebha against G!

2011-08-27 09:53:15
Marguerite Dehler @Marguer_d

Sebha? RT @saynotogaddafi: @bugpopper area under contention, is area to left of Africa Hotel. Tanks roam the streets, intermittent shelling.

2011-08-27 09:55:07
Marguerite Dehler @Marguer_d

@SayNoToGaddafi What is the name of the man who is high up in the Ministry of Defense that lives in or near #Sebha ?

2011-08-27 10:14:17
Tamy Skyhopper @bugpopper

@Marguer_d @saynotogaddafi yes, Sebha.. or Sabha.. however you want to spell it

2011-08-27 17:38:46