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叫び声は除いて、そこそこまともに感想を述べているものを集めました。視聴実況などリプの深堀りは各自で。 正式なライセンス配信はまだみたいだし、違法動画も出回ってそうで、ちょっと複雑な気持ちです。
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2022-06-06 23:37:12
0mniessence @0mniessence

Revue Starlight started trending on Twitter at 10 PM yesterday (my time) and it was still trending at 8 AM today (my time). It’s stopped now but damn. That was a good 10 hours of national fame 🥹👏🏼🔥❤️😭💯👍🏼🫶🏻

2022-06-06 21:24:16
Matthew @SlntProtag

There's one line at the end of the Revue Starlight movie that yeah, is pretty funny to think about after the fact. Don't tell anyone that the line made me bawl my eyes out the first time I saw it.

2022-06-06 21:06:21
IllegalCyrus @illegalcrus

Okay now that I've slept on it and such. I saw Revue Starlight movie yesterday and it was absolutely amazing, one of the best things I've ever seen and something that had me glad that I waited until I saw it in theaters. First movie back too. It was truly special.

2022-06-06 20:46:30
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

I just wish that they did more character building within the movie so that they didn't leave the people just getting into the series behind - though I suppose that's not an issue with the way cinema expects you to follow a series nowadays. (FIN)

2022-06-06 20:40:41
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

I can't recommend this to the wider audience, but I CAN recommend it if you wanted to see the girls that lost win in fantastic ways. The Revues are, as always, masterful and in many ways improved. You clearly see their love for the characters and the world. (8/x)

2022-06-06 20:40:41
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

more time to what seemed like an underdeveloped and woefully cast-to-the-side revue in Kaoruko's and Futaba's tete-a-tete. This movie, while improved, falls prey to the same issues as the anime, but in new unique ways. (7/x)

2022-06-06 20:40:41
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

That's not my only gripe, but it is emblematic of where the movie is held back. If I think about the excessive runtime given to the Karen backstory, imagine if half of that runtime actually shows Maya's doubts, or any hints of Hikari's fear, or, the biggest tragedy... (6/)

2022-06-06 20:40:40
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

But Yuush, you say, why are you expecting a movie that's based off an existing IP to not reference the work? I'm expecting the movie to be enjoyable but have extras that only a fan would understand. This felt like it was mostly stuff only a fan would understand. (5/x)

2022-06-06 20:40:40
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

A movie shouldn't require watching a 12 episode series to understand and when the only hints you get seem like you have to watch several times to get the emotional meaning behind them/have watched the anime, this felt like it was only made for fans. (4/x)

2022-06-06 20:40:40
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

The major issues stem from the same pitfalls that the anime stumbled into: so much focus on Karen and Hikari that either you hadn't watched the anime and came out of the movie confused or you had watched the anime and thought to yourself - why go through this AGAIN? (3/x)

2022-06-06 20:40:39
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

In particular, I think that the way they showed Claudine's and Mahiru's growths as characters implicitly from 2nd year to 3rd was great and that their revues were the best moments in the movie. (2/x)

2022-06-06 20:40:39
Yuushalinsky@CANADA WCQ BABY @yuushalinsky

#RevueStarlight Now that people have seen it: the Revue Starlight movie was a frustrating experience for me - in many ways it is an improvement. Most of the revues are highlights of the movie and there are some really great subversions of what the anime did. (1/x)

2022-06-06 20:40:39
arlene / rice @ LUCINAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @sorryoutofrice

anyway i dont have anything recent but happy revue starlight gekijouban day pls look at them twitter.com/sorryoutofrice…

2022-06-06 16:31:31
arlene / rice @ LUCINAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @sorryoutofrice

not super new but finally get to post the full print i did for @holoframeworks maykuro zine! leftovers are open now! pic.twitter.com/gTrK5GwGN8

2022-01-31 06:12:15
arlene / rice @ LUCINAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @sorryoutofrice

revue starlight continues to rip my heart from my throat and step on it im so emo rn and v tired from crying big dumb tears please watch this anime and the movie, the movie especially is a masterpiece

2022-06-06 16:04:59
Crow 💙 @distortxdheart

@soggystyrofoam revue starlight is a good anime but it really feels like they played the long con building a whole franchise so they could have the resources to make that movie like. the best version of itself it could be

2022-06-06 16:02:18
faith @soggystyrofoam

all variations (the official subs, the fansub, etc) on karen saying "this really was our revue starlight" at the end of the movie work because after the rest of the entire 2 hours of that movie they could say anything at that point and i'd be like fuck yeah. so true.

2022-06-06 15:34:31
arlene / rice @ LUCINAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @sorryoutofrice

i just need this immortalized because revue trending is honestly deserved and once again i am demanding you watch revue starlight and the movies pic.twitter.com/Ig0dvqJ1aC

2022-06-06 15:05:32
magic @magicasen

wow the revue starlight movie worked a LOT better for me than the series which i had mixed opinions on. great time

2022-06-06 15:03:42
emile | watch revue starlight @searednerves

one of the best things about revue starlight and it's relationship with the fourth wall is that it's so like. double meta. this is a series about stage actors. if they are aware of the fourth wall, then of course. of course. out there is the audience, and they are actors.

2022-06-06 14:28:21
BIRTHDAY BITCH @Valentine_Oates

Now that the Revue Starlight movie came to theatres here finally and I saw it I can google the series without getting spoiled again LOL

2022-06-06 14:19:59
ShinyNico-San @ShinyNico_San

It only took me 4 viewings of the Revue Starlight movie to truly understand every theme and connection, but I loved every second of it 😤✨🌟 #RevueStarlight #レヴュースタァライト

2022-06-06 14:12:10
Emery Winter @tamagaoo

The Revue Starlight Movie was just as wonderful in theaters as I thought it would be. Truly a masterpiece of a series pic.twitter.com/eMj3OSETZS

2022-06-06 13:57:27
poptart ✨ @Kureijitart

Revue Starlight - including the movie. (10/10) this series was just the complete opposite of what I expected, from the characters, the relationships, the plot, the progression, everything took the perfect time to flesh out, and the movie was breathtaking. Beautiful series. pic.twitter.com/Yhf9T0K6cp

2022-05-25 12:01:17
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