SuchTweetSorrow: The Match Day (2)

【ツイッター版ロミオとジュリエット #suchtweet_jp の続き…… 5月3日のバンク・ホリデー、F市ではレッズとブルーズのサッカーのダービー・マッチが行なわれ、レッズ・サポのモンタギュー家も、ブルーズ・サポのティボルト・キャピュレットもスタジアムで観戦しています。ネットカフェのローレンスはVIPボックスで商談をしながらわりとまったりと、なおかつ若者3人にTwitterで連絡を取りながら、試合を観戦しています。 続きを読む
Jess Capulet @Jess_nurse

Pitch invasion? What? Radio Bloke has gone mental. @Tybalt_Cap - are you ok sweetheart? Get out of there. Sounds like chaos. Curry time! x

2010-05-04 01:50:02
Romeo @romeo_mo

@laurencefriar on the pitch help FIND US tybalt seen us hes looki

2010-05-04 01:50:06
Juliet @julietcap16

For you because it feels like its been too long...

2010-05-04 01:52:46
Laurence Friar @LaurenceFriar

@Tybalt_Cap answer your phone! STOP! Come here,leave Romeo!

2010-05-04 01:53:10
Laurence Friar @LaurenceFriar

Where are they I can’t see anything? WHERE?

2010-05-04 01:53:44
Laurence Friar @LaurenceFriar

@romeo_mo Answer your phone!! Where are you Romeo?

2010-05-04 01:54:19
Jess Capulet @Jess_nurse

@LaurenceFriar What the fuck is going on? Are you doing something? LARRY - DO SOMETHING!

2010-05-04 01:54:21
Jess Capulet @Jess_nurse

WHAT IS GOING ON? Someone please tell me. The radio is saying terrible things. Larry? Tybs? WHAT'S HAPPENING?

2010-05-04 01:56:08
Laurence Friar @LaurenceFriar

@Jess_nurse blood, confusion! HELP! too many people here...don't know what to do!

2010-05-04 01:56:33
Jess Capulet @Jess_nurse

@Tybalt_Cap Sweetheart, pick up your phone. Pick up. Pick up. Tell me where you are & I'll come to get you. Pick up. I'll keep ringing! xxx

2010-05-04 02:12:31
Mercutio @mercuteio

i thought @Tybalt_Cap was just pleased to see me... but no it was a knife in his pocket.

2010-05-04 02:14:25
Jess Capulet @Jess_nurse

@mercuteio What is happening? A knife?!? Stop playing games. What have you done? Where is my brother? If u have so much as TOUCHED him...

2010-05-04 02:19:07
Jago Mosca @jago_klepto

I wanna stay and watch him die. But the cops are everywhere.

2010-05-04 02:21:27
Laurence Friar @LaurenceFriar

Pub audioboo with Romeo - it's all good, apart from blatant offside

2010-05-04 02:21:54
Mercutio @mercuteio

I wonder if i should play dead so this ambulance lady can give me mouth to mouth & join the #mercutiogroupies

2010-05-04 02:26:25
Jess Capulet @Jess_nurse

@Tybalt_Cap Starting without u (Dad is hungry/grumbling). Planning 4 Steptoe to die from heat exhaustion : an incentive for u to come home!x

2010-05-04 03:01:15
Laurence Friar @LaurenceFriar

Lost. Have these things happened? Am I to believe today?

2010-05-04 05:09:11
Laurence Friar @LaurenceFriar

We cannot rush to judge. Must clear muddied waters. What was lost is found; stolen items here all this time.

2010-05-04 05:30:58
Mercutio @mercuteio

Questioned by police who are trying to put the blame on Romeo - he isnt stealing my limelight; Tybalt bit me so i bit back. END OF

2010-05-04 05:44:41