@amesamie6_9 's anti-Japanese Hate Speech that Japanese education doesn't teach us the Rape of Nanking and so on.

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Navid Imtiaz @The_Joker_BD

JapanesePublicEducation.jpg twitter.com/amesamie6_9/st…

2022-07-02 23:05:42
Amie @amesamie6_9

The fact that this guys literally stalked me to prove his point is appalling. What i said is right in terms of history. I didn't say Japanese people are bad nor did I say they are horrible. I just mentioned that they deny the worst part of their history. pic.twitter.com/7PVhfSn1aJ

2022-07-02 22:51:59
Emmanuel Chanel @ 3回目ブースター接種済み @Emmanuel_Chanel

@The_Joker_BD You didn't read even this, huh? We, Japanese people are taught Nanjing Massacre as a historical fact. But you don't try to know. You should also know that very many Japanese people suspect it. Your tweet is just a hate speech against us, Japanese people. nippon.com/en/in-depth/a0…

2022-07-03 18:46:18
Emmanuel Chanel @ 3回目ブースター接種済み @Emmanuel_Chanel

@The_Joker_BD Huh? You refuse to listen to the American refutation by the word: biased. Do you think the true Japanese edu contents without reading any real Japanese ones? That's your racism. Apologize your tweet! See also this! CC @shin_shr190506 @beru_ha_neko2 @oLHRRzgP53plafv pic.twitter.com/autQywKxQK

2022-07-03 19:50:50
MAO女史⛩64天安 @oLHRRzgP53plafv

👇真実を語る日本人を晒しています 24お願いします twitter.com/amesamie6_9/st…

2022-07-03 18:52:41


バングラデシュ人だったのか。 / Found that this hate speaker was a Bangladeshi.

Amie @amesamie6_9

#Koreans call us laborers cuz most #Bangladeshis they meet are laborers. So, should I call all Koreans liars cuz most koreans i've met are pathological liars? (except literally 4/5 koreans; I've met 100+ in these 3 years) I've never seen a nation institutionalize lying like this.

2022-12-16 23:13:31
Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@amesamie6_9 When will you apologize your anti-Japanese hate speech about our history education by the demagogy that it doesn't teach Nanjing Massacre and so on, huh? Your "liberal" word sounds rather hypocrite to me because of this: togetter.com/li/1911171

2022-12-21 20:40:29
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