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ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

yes folks, this is FINAAAAAAALLY ADAM!!!

2009-06-12 13:07:29
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

My album is gonna be siiiiiiiiick

2009-06-16 12:41:57
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

"...can't wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like."

2009-06-21 02:37:37
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

Happy Birthday to ALisan Porter! I'm seeing her and Tye Taylor perform tonight at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City at 8pm!!!!!

2009-06-21 09:45:47
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

@dannygokey and I have not ever and do not have any drama. We are friends. Chill out w all the gossip kiddies!

2009-06-21 16:29:03
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

more rumor mill control: I have never thought about getting permanent eye makeup tattoo'd on... OUCH! :) The tabloids are HILARIOUS

2009-06-23 09:10:07
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

more rumor mill control: i dont own even one dvd copy of twilight. i dont recite lines from the film. i liked the book better.

2009-06-24 08:38:44
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

just a quick shout-out to fans: ya'll are the best! thank you for all ur positive energy and support no matter what. id be nuttin w/o you

2009-06-24 08:41:04
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

On my way to songwriting session w the brilliant Sam Sparro!!

2009-06-25 11:12:09
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

adele and chaka kahn were incredible at hollywood bowl last night!

2009-06-30 12:05:53
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

just changed from "therealglambert" to my actual name tell ur friends :)

2009-07-01 03:36:56
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

gettin ready for the idols live tour!

2009-07-01 05:31:22
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

sneak peek of my Skingraft jacket I get to wear on the Idols Live Tour! http://twitpic.com/93r6f

2009-07-03 10:30:06
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

Our first show was so much fun!! Portland's audience was amaaaazing!

2009-07-06 16:05:40
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

TACOMA was badass! We're def gettin the hang of this! 50 more shows to go!

2009-07-08 17:08:33
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

So - when I read lame, boring tweets I call them TWATS.

2009-07-08 18:13:20
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

Twitter is full of twats. Hahaha

2009-07-08 18:13:52
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

Most of my tweets have been twats too. Guess I need to get more creative.

2009-07-08 18:15:47
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

Anyone that found that offensive should best lighten up a bit. It's funny.

2009-07-08 18:33:37
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

And I'm completely sober actually. Just bored on the bus.

2009-07-08 18:43:45
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