Adam Lambert Twitter Party (May 22, 2011 JST)

May 22, 2011 07:49 to 09:07 JST (UTC+9) (Click "残りを読む(81)" button at the end of the tweets to read more.) Adam Lambert Twitter Parties Main Page:
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

@alexanderenrico I think the end of Mayan calendar signifies an end of an era. next generation will bring about great change. Good I hope.

2011-05-22 09:04:53
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

@JanaTheUnicorn no. Really bad grades in math though. Lol

2011-05-22 08:47:34

@adamlambert did you get bad grades in english as a kid? :D

2011-05-22 08:44:10
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

I personally believe that rock n roll is just as much a frame of mind and attitude as it is a musical style. Rebellion.

2011-05-22 08:45:48
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

I don't really like classifying music into genres lately. What's the point? Pop music is a bit of dance, rock and hip hop these days.

2011-05-22 08:44:47
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

Glamberts. That name is here to stay. Because you sexy bitches where the name proudly!!! :) I love you!!

2011-05-22 08:43:00
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

@_kandyal being able to communicate a thought or feeling through song.

2011-05-22 08:41:24

@adamlambert What's the best thing about being a singer?

2011-05-22 08:40:03
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

@Crazy4glambert1 7th grade. I was really lonely and awkward. Wish I knew then what I know now.

2011-05-22 08:38:40

@adamlambert If you could go back to any grade in your school days which would it be and why?

2011-05-22 08:37:31
Riley M @riley1877

@adamlambert 3 words to describe the music you've been writing so far?

2011-05-22 08:36:08
Lolly @fyeahlolly

@adamlambert we still cannot believe you found love in a shady bar. Only you, sir. Only you.

2011-05-22 08:32:10
Shannon @babashuchan

@adamlambert Do you have an overused word or phrase?

2011-05-22 08:32:09
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

@Mickey1227 these thoughts are my main fuel for writing my new album.

2011-05-22 08:35:24
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert

@Mickey1227 how we all are on a personal journey of self discovery and constant evolution. Searching for liberation. Why we do what we do.

2011-05-22 08:35:03