「If you can dream it, You can do it.」はウォルトの言葉なのか?

ウォルト・ディズニー生誕110周年でも使われている、「If you can dream it, You can do it.」という言葉はいったい誰の名言なのか?という疑問からの考察。
Steven Miller @samhowzit

Things Walt never said are now available at Francesca's in Disney Springs pic.twitter.com/sAmi6ge4II

2017-02-05 10:35:23
Steven Miller @samhowzit

@NI_DLP_Geek @courtneeysummer I love the quote as I first saw it at my fave attraction Horizons. Sadly it's often misattributed to Walt pic.twitter.com/EBce91Tz3f

2017-02-05 21:19:36


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"If you can dream it, you can do it." Today we're remembering the man that created the mouse that started it all! ✨ pic.twitter.com/lAjM1dkmqU

2019-12-05 21:45:03
Matt @HorizonsOne

@6abc Good morning! I’ve long admired Walt and unfortunately this quote is often misattributed to him. One similar to it was written by a General Electric employee named Sheralyn Silverstein for their pavilion called Horizons at Epcot in 1983. Sadly Walt had passed away by then. pic.twitter.com/FVFIaDmoY9

2019-12-05 22:06:24
sheralyn @sheralynsilver

@HorizonsOne @6abc Hello. I need to clarify this information. Yes, I did write, "If you can dream it, you can do it." I wrote it as a copywriter for Marsteller Inc., in 1981. I wrote it for a recruitment campaign that GE was doing; we were their agency for that assignment. Thank you!

2021-02-02 05:46:15


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“If you can dream it, you can do it.”はウォルトの名言ではない dpost.jp/2021/02/08/wp-…

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