ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ スカラー JSON

joda timeの人の煽り(?)エントリ => odersky先生がplayを例に出してScalaを説明 => 突っ込まれたので Lift Json を => そこで「いやでもLift Jsonって(ry」という流れでJSONの話しが盛り上がるという流れ!
Stephen Colebourne @jodastephen

[blog] Scala feels like EJB 2, and other thoughts. Yep, I really don't like Scala #devoxx http://t.co/6ATR8caM

2011-11-22 18:10:28
Martin Odersky @odersky

Scala is @playframework. Anybody saying it feels like EJB 2 has understood nothing or is spreading FUD.

2011-11-22 21:00:41
Timothy Perrett @timperrett

@odersky Scala is Play? I'd like to think that the Scala eco-system is bigger than Play… was there a missing "like" in that sentence?

2011-11-22 21:09:00
Timothy Perrett @timperrett

@fogus @djspiewak I enjoyed that bit. Also the bit that implied all developers like to import stuff that they know nothing about.

2011-11-22 23:36:06
Stephen Colebourne @jodastephen

If you have Scala doubts, make sure u listen to Scala podcast (ie. their view not mine). I found it pretty bleak. YMMV. http://t.co/w8XhPs6E

2011-11-23 02:12:13
Martin Odersky @odersky

@timperrett Sure. Play is a typical example of what Scala does and how simple that is. Lift-json is another. There are many more.

2011-11-23 02:19:29
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@odersky @timperrett I'm not a huge fan of Lift JSON, particularly as an example of simplicity. (no offense @jonifreeman) :-)

2011-11-23 02:34:15
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@odersky @timperrett Although, I'll admit that Lift JSON has improved a *lot* in recent days. /cc @jonifreeman

2011-11-23 02:34:42
Dustin Whitney @dustinwhitney

@djspiewak @odersky @timperrett @jonifreeman I quite like lift json. Do you have another library you prefer?

2011-11-23 02:40:13
Joni Freeman @jonifreeman

@djspiewak @odersky @timperrett No worries :) Hope we can soon use interpolation for JSON literals, replacing DSL which I know you dislike.

2011-11-23 02:42:36
Dustin Whitney @dustinwhitney

@tlockney @djspiewak @jonifreeman Jerkson looks ok. Doesn't have the querying abilities that LIFT JSON has

2011-11-23 02:47:26
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@tlockney @dustinwhitney @odersky @timperrett @jonifreeman Interesting! My 5 second evaluation: reflective parsing, do not want. :-)

2011-11-23 02:47:39
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@tlockney @dustinwhitney @odersky @timperrett @jonifreeman I think the more attempts at this problem, the better. Experimentation FTW!

2011-11-23 02:47:54
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@jonifreeman @odersky @timperrett One thing I'll definitely say for Lift JSON: it's *fast*. Really, really fast. Hard to complain about that

2011-11-23 02:48:33
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@JorgeO JField should not be a JValue. Likewise, JNothing shouldn't even exist. Neither of them make any sense in the domain.

2011-11-23 02:49:00
Peter Hausel @pk11

@tlockney i used jerkson before - it's awesome

2011-11-23 02:49:07
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@JorgeO ASTs should reflect the domain, not some artificial notion layered on top of the domain for the sake of easy search impl.

2011-11-23 02:49:34
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

@JorgeO For the record, this is the lion's share of what is wrong with scala.xml as well.

2011-11-23 02:49:45
Jorge Ortiz @JorgeO

@djspiewak Yeah, ok. I agree with those two criticisms.

2011-11-23 02:49:57
Thomas Lockney @tlockney

@pk11 agreed, though I do understand @djspiewak's concern about the reflective aspect. Still, it's very fast.

2011-11-23 02:52:28
Joni Freeman @jonifreeman

@djspiewak @JorgeO I agree. But that design was the simplest one which enabled AST transformations + LINQ style queries in one go.

2011-11-23 02:55:01
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak

Scala gives you a wealth of tools to manage complexity, but they're not always easy to use. This is not a problem; it is called "power".

2011-11-23 02:56:04