西暦 628 年にインドの天文学者ブラフマグプタによって初めて提案された重力の概念について

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Massimo @Rainmaker1973

When we think about gravity as a concept, we tend to go with our thoughts to Isaac Newton and his apple, but an idea of gravity as attractive force, was first suggested by Indian astronomer Brahmagupta in the year 628 CE. He called it "gurutvākarṣaṇ" pic.twitter.com/YJIooA38JS

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概念としての重力について考えるとき、私たちはアイザック ニュートンと彼のリンゴを思い浮かべる傾向がありますが、引力としての重力という考えは、西暦 628 年にインドの天文学者ブラフマグプタによって初めて提案されました。彼はそれを「グルトヴァーカルシャサン」と呼びました

Dr. Syed Haider @DrSyedHaider

That may well be true, but I actually independently discovered gravity way back when I first started crawling and fell flat on my face. And not even my own mom gave me props, so if you’re trying to point out the racist ethnocentrist injustice of attributing to Newton what properly belongs to Brahmagupta, I’ll have you know … what I just said - as it obviously points to far greater injustice and widespread ageism against the youngest amongst us who are also clearly the wisest and should therefore be held up in all their chubby cherubic glory far above the shoulders of all those giants Newton was standing on.

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Moe Nadeem @Moe_Nadeem

Ancient India & Hindu civilization was at the forefront of advancement in many fields incl math, astronomy, architecture, physics & biology. Yet invaders & colonizers suppressed the spread of that knowledge by brute force. From the arrival of Arab, Afghanis, & Persian Muslim invaders to Britishers, & other Europeans, oppression of Indians continued till 1947. Racism played a role in withholding acknowledgment of Indian Hindu achievements. It’s time now to highlight & duly recognize them.

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Harish @avengiyer

The are many such great thinkers throughout history in many cultures. But the real significant breakthrough for humanity was when we were able to express these in the language of math and were able to measure and validate independently and agree collectively aka ‘scientific approach”. Although the scientific approach is imperfect, it has been the accelerating force behind the growth and evolution of science and technology. Most of the miracles can be explained away by science today but many questions still remain. Most of our ability to interpret nature lies in the spectrum where on one end lies the ability of our mind to let us explain it scientifically and on the other end are our beliefs and heuristics convincing us.

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cyberyogi @cyberyogi_

Here are five important contributions of Brahmagupta during 7th century AD: Zero Rules 🅾️: Brahmagupta was one of the first to give rules for using zero in math, like zero plus any number is that same number. Negative Numbers ➖: He also helped to make sense of using negative numbers, like negative times negative is positive. Pythagorean Triples 📐: He talked about special sets of numbers that fit the Pythagorean theorem, useful for understanding right triangles. Area Formula 📏: He gave a formula for finding the area of a four-sided shape where all corners touch a circle. Moon and Planets 🌕🪐: In astronomy, he improved how to calculate the positions of the Moon and planets in the sky.

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RAVIRANJAN KUMAR 🇮🇳 @theraviranjankr

@Rainmaker1973 It is a Sanskrit term "gurutvākarṣaṇ" (गुरुत्वाकर्षणम्) to describe this force.

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RAVIRANJAN KUMAR 🇮🇳 @theraviranjankr

Brahmagupta described gravity in his book, The Brahmasphutasiddhanta LIKE THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE "The earth on all its sides is the same; all people on the earth stand upright, and all heavy things fall down to the earth by a law of nature, for it is the nature of the earth to attract and to keep things, as it is the nature of water to flow ... If a thing wants to go deeper down than the earth, let it try. The earth is the only low thing, and seeds always return to it, in whatever direction you may throw them away, and never rise upwards from the earth."

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Kapisch @Kapischh

@Rainmaker1973 That is something I never knew my entire life. Honestly we always thought of Isaac Newton when it comes to gravity. Thank you so much @Rainmaker1973 for sharing this amazing fact with ys 😍

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Tech.Is.Beautiful @Itspash209497

@Rainmaker1973 Brahmagupta, besides his astronomy and mathematics, also made important discoveries in shapes like rectangles and squares...He figured out clever rules about their sides and diagonals, helping us understand these shapes better..✅📐

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sujay @sujayko

While Brahmagupta simply collated and built on a vast pool of extant knowledge on the topic, the artists of Bharat beautifully rendered these sculptures of Mohinis (symbolic of invisible irresistible force of attraction) in these 12-13th century temples to tell the tale of gravity - how small objects are attracted to large ones and depicting subtle effects of gravity on worn ornaments in detail.

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ブラフマグプタはこのテーマに関する既存の膨大な知識を単純に照合し、その上に構築しましたが、バーラトの芸術家たちは、重力の物語を伝えるために、これらの 12 ~ 13 世紀の寺院にモヒニス (目に見えない抗しがたい引力の象徴) の彫刻を美しく描きました。小さな物体がどのようにして大きな物体に引き寄せられるのか、使い古された装飾品に及ぼす重力の微妙な影響を詳細に描写します。

Manas Ⓜ️ @saint2050

@Rainmaker1973 India , actually Bharat , the name India was coined much later , was very advanced till the invaders arrived

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Boldly Going! Mars, The Journey! @StarFleetMars

@Rainmaker1973 "The earth is the only low thing, and seeds always return to it, in whatever direction you may throw them away, and never rise upwards from the earth" in Brahmagupta's own words. Interesting he used seeds as a reference. Gravity ensuring they have a chance to grow into the soil.

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The Curious Ape @FindMeOnX

@Rainmaker1973 The introduction of the number '0' to the world happened in 5th century and credit goes Aryabhatta from India and Brahmagupta then introduced zero in calculations in around 628 BC

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Chris Inku @inkuchris369

@Rainmaker1973 😮🤩did newton get the ideal from him?..

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Aravind @aravind

Newton used to read latin translated copies of Sanskrit works that made way to UK through Italian and Spanish traders visiting India since the 14th century. We do not know if he got ideas on gravity from India, but we can be a little confident his ideas on calculus and limits were from Kerala School of Mathematics: https://t.co/tesEpWqAcL

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Infinite_Insight @Facts_Stats_

@Rainmaker1973 Newton not only observed gravity,but formulated precise law of gravity. Brahmagupta did not formulate any actual quantifiable law

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