38年目の真実~Bloody Sunday事件真相究明委員会報告書 3) 公表のあと

※編集中 検索ワードbloodysundayでの検索結果です。 4人か5人くらいがハッシュタグを使って延々と「じゃあIRAの暴力についても£200mでインクワイアリしてくれんだな」というようなことをtweet とRTで繰り返しているので(なぜこのインクワイアリが行なわれたかをまったく理解していない、まったく的外れな投稿)、それらは取り除くと思います。
EsPresso @elPresso2014

@oxfordgirl closure for the families of #bloodysunday but the families of Guildford or Birmingham or Omagh? Where is their justice?

2010-06-16 00:52:25
oxfordgirl @oxfordgirl

@Prestwickuk or the people of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Gaza. Hate grows like a cancer and we must not feed it #bloodysunday #Iranelection

2010-06-16 00:54:40
Новости Lenta.Ru @LentaNovosti

#novosti #world Дэвид Кэмерон извинился за Кровавое воскресенье: Премьер-министр Великобритании Дэвид Кэмерон, офи...

2010-06-16 00:56:37
The traitor, Matthew Doye #FBPE @MatthewDoye

Saville Report: Wilford fails to pass on orders limiting area where soldiers can operate #saville #bloodysunday

2010-06-16 00:57:41
🇪🇺 Síle/Sheila - Always a European 🇪🇺 @LadySileL

RT @JudgeJeffreys: HOW'S ABOUT THAT THEN? Saville Report. 38 Bloody Years. £200m Bloody Pounds. Bloody Justice. #bloodysunday

2010-06-16 00:58:33
Seaghán Mac Muireadhaigh @VAdmMiddx

Don't think for a second that accepting responsibility for #bloodysunday exonerates the crimes of the IRA/Sinn Fein.

2010-06-16 00:59:26
JustinFollowsMe @lovejb_93

truth at last!! #bloodysunday victims all innocent! we always knew it now the world knows it!!!!!!

2010-06-16 00:59:52

clearly #bloodysunday #relatives looking for #vengeance The #British #state sells out its own to abet this #madness

2010-06-16 00:59:58
Phil @philnewts

Bloody Sunday report says "killings were unjustified" when is killing ever justified? #bloodysunday

2010-06-16 01:00:09

@Tigers_2iron The difference is Martin McGuinness did not represent "the state" - the paratroopers did. #saville #bloodysunday

2010-06-16 01:00:12
The traitor, Matthew Doye #FBPE @MatthewDoye

Saville Report: "Wilford should have understood that he was being ordered not to chase rioters ... down Rossville St" #saville #bloodysunday

2010-06-16 01:00:24

#BloodySunday - the truth has finally came out!

2010-06-16 01:00:35

On tonights drivetime on @bbclondon949 - we'll be discussing #BloodySunday, How difficult is it to find a job-vacancies in Hackney are 24...

2010-06-16 01:01:27
Gato Preto @GatoPreto19

RT @Geetas75: As #Israel prepares it's whitewash report, NB: #UK #Widgery report & false evidence of soldiers & #Saville. #BloodySunday #FreedomFlotilla

2010-06-16 01:01:36

RT @johnhalton: #bloodysunday: Army fired first; no warnings given; all victims innocent; soldiers lied; Cameron apologises on behalf of UK government.

2010-06-16 01:02:21
((( MGW, PhD ))) @mgouldwartofsky

Justice delayed in Northern Ireland - Bloody Sunday report states those killed were innocent (BBC) #BloodySunday

2010-06-16 01:02:36

"Unjustified and unjustifiable." #bloodySunday

2010-06-16 01:02:48
Natalie @screenametaken

fantastic finally justice for #bloodysunday, FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!!

2010-06-16 01:03:09
Milena Büyüm @MilenaBuyum

:'(( RT @benfolley: One person was shot whilst crawling away from the soldiers #bloodysunday

2010-06-16 01:03:27
John Keaveney @killingflowers

Finally declared Innocent. All innocent! Great great news!! #bloodysunday #derry

2010-06-16 01:03:36
Colm Heaney @colmheaney

So much for the "only the lawyers will be satisfied" argument #bloodysunday

2010-06-16 01:03:59
Natalie @screenametaken

#BLOODYSUNDAY finally the world know definatly knows what it knew all along, those people were and are innocent!

2010-06-16 01:05:54