Museum Next 2nd day

2day of Museum Next. Just few last session, sorry. Museum Next2日目、はじめの部分はもう流れてしまったようで、最後の部分だけ(涙)
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RCAHMS @rcahms
@5easypieces #museumnext Last session of the day, looking forward to hearing about The Kinetic Museum from Koven Smith at Denver Art Museum
Nancy Proctor @nancyproctor
Recasting the museum with an agile mindset: buckle in for a great ride from @5easypieces at #MuseumNext #kinmuse
Àlex Hinojo @Kippelboy
#kinmuse "let's go back to core values of the museums but with today's technologies" @5easypieces #MuseumNext
🌈Sugarloaf 🏳️‍🌈 @MuseumBae
The practices are being outpaced by culture. Will museums be able to survive this revolution? #museumnext #kinmuse
Arnolfini @ArnolfiniArts
@ruibeep Does your museum have available a list of artworks in collection in public domain? #MuseumNext > yes here
InvisibleStudio @invisiblestudio
#museumnext disruptive technology breaks the current organizational framework. Inspiring thoughts at #kinmuse
Nancy Proctor @nancyproctor
"the first result to come up in google is the authoritative one, regardless of its source" @5easypieces #MuseumNext #kinmuse
Digisam @digisam_raa
Can we as inst survive the ongoing disruptive revolution in tech? At least better than trad media, music industry etc #kinmus #MuseumNext
Digisam @digisam_raa
Impossibility to develop in two directions parallell. Start id changes that are crippling, vs merely uncomfortable #MuseumNext #kinmus
Nancy Proctor @nancyproctor
Goal shld be not to incorporate new tech x or socmedia y, but restructure the museum to adopt & discard tech as needed. #kinmuse #MuseumNext
Nancy Proctor @nancyproctor
If it takes longer to thoroughly research a decision than recover from a bad choice, just do it! #kinmuse #MuseumNext
Sharna Jackson @sharnajackson
"change up (the way you strategise about) your (strategic) strategy" #Museumnext @5easypieces
Claire Bailey-Ross @clairey_ross
@5easypieces says just go and do it. Technology evolves too quickly for the study of it. Ack crap there goes my PhD. #MuseumNext
Nate Solas @homebrewer
Traditional grant cycles don't align with technology. #MuseumNext
Digisam @digisam_raa
Get started! Build first, if you need to plan for years it's probably not the right way to go #kinmus #MuseumNext
InvisibleStudio @invisiblestudio
#MuseumNext @5easypieces leonardo davinci (who was a bit of a technician) agrees about the superiority of trial and errors over theories
Riksutställningar @Riksutst
@LoeDennis Mobile doesn't need to be phones - neighbourhoodies, hoodies connected to the web #museumnext
Hein Wils @heinhier
Wikipedia is more important than any scholarly source coming from our museums. Learn to live with it! #kinmus #museumnext
Nancy Proctor @nancyproctor
Use Wikipedia as a collections management system? #kinmuse #MuseumNext
Digisam @digisam_raa
Communication is NOT a separate activity. Work with best/most important & findable info source = Wikipedia! #kinmus #MuseumNext
TOTeM @talesofthings
Collections should be treated as web assets @5easypieces #museumnext
Rich Barrett-Small @richbs
Use Linked Data, DBPedia and algorithms to create narratives where objects lack a written story. @5easypieces #kinmuse #museumnext
Digisam @digisam_raa
News flash: Most museum software is b*ullsh*t! Change needed, make it happen #kinmuse #MuseumNext