ICWSM2012 Day 0 (Workshops and Tutorial Day)

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Miguel Ríos Berríos @miguelrios
Good morning Dublin! I'll be speaking today about Twitter + dataviz at #icwsm's #socmedvis workshop. See you there!
John Breslin @johnbreslin
#icwsm workshops and tutorials day! (@ Radisson Blu Royal Hotel) http://t.co/3y9r3UqO
ICWSM @icwsm
Cool! Title of @LinkedIn's Igor Perisic's talk on Wed is "A Look at Some Dynamics of Social Networking following the Jobs Ecosystem" #ICWSM
Elizabeth Daly @elizabethmdaly
Don't miss When the City Meets the Citizen workshop (WCMCW) at #ICWSM schedule available here https://t.co/ndw4AdIX
Chris Diehl @ChrisDiehl
@katenieder Interesting to see multiple ICWSM papers on conversation on Twitter.
Paul M. Watson @storyfulpaul
Welcome to Dublin all at #icwsm. @storyful are here with @gavinsblog and myself. Please say hello.
Roja 🏳️‍🌈 @mathcolorstrees
Starting the #icwsm with the #SocMedNews workshop. Looking forward to it.
Paul M. Watson @storyfulpaul
Workshop day at #icwsm is being held at the Trinity Biomedical Sciences building. http://t.co/OVcHsKPf
Raz Schwartz @razsc
Social Media Visualization workshops starts now with keynote from Ben Shneiderman #icwsm
ARCOMEM @arcomem
Keynote "Tweeting the news" by Dr. Katrin Weller. #SocMedNews #icwsm http://t.co/tBGiMu7F
Sarosh Khan @SaroshHRKhan
#icwsm workshop on journalism on social media
Sina Samangooei @sinjax
Is twitter social network or news? Twitter has only a 22% reciprocity. So twitter actually used more for information. #SocMedNews #icwsm
ARCOMEM @arcomem
Dr. Weller explains why curation is so important. #SocMedNews #icwsm
Sina Samangooei @sinjax
Twitter moving towards being a fully fledged media company. They are hiring curators to deal with the torrents of tweets. #icwsm #SocMedNews
ARCOMEM @arcomem
47% of journalists use twitter for "sourcing new story angles" #SocMedNews #icwsm
Sarosh Khan @SaroshHRKhan
#icwsm 50% of online journalists source news and angles via Twitter
⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩ @pushthings4ward
Really happy 2 see so many researchers attending our workshop at #icwsm. Happy to share knowledge with you #SocMedNews http://t.co/J04Q51aV
ARCOMEM @arcomem
Key challenges of social journalism: Is a tweet and its content (video, image) true or false? #SocMedNews #icwsm
ARCOMEM @arcomem
What else? Credibility. Are you a real person or a bot? #SocMedNews #icwsm #Twitter http://t.co/qtRRZEnR
Amit Sheth @amit_p
@lintool at # icwsm : twitter = real time, scale, relevant. My thought - first two is proven, third is exciting - needs more than search
Lance R. Vick @lrvick
listening to @lintool give an awesome talk about how fast things spread on twitter. Is this post ironic? @icwsm #ramss
vince silenzio 🆚🖖🏳️‍🌈 @mudblood
Analyzing massive social network datasets w/o a cluster, but with Derek Ruths. #icwsm
Nick Diakopoulos @ndiakopoulos
Folks at #SocMedNews will probably be interested in our recent CHI paper on finding news sources in Twitter: http://t.co/xEORo5Oa #icwsm