Games For Change Festival 2012

ニューヨークで6月18日から6月20日まで開催された Games For Change Festivalの様子です。 'Reality is Broken'の著者 Jane Macgonigalさんも中心となって開催されています。
Toru Fujimoto @tfujimt


2012-06-18 04:33:29
Toru Fujimoto @tfujimt

Games for ChangeでFunder Roundtablesというセッションがある。支援を行う非営利財団と支援を受けたい人たちが直接つながる機会を提供している。 #g4c12 :

2012-06-18 13:18:46
Games for Change @G4C

Attention #g4c12 attendees! Network with PBS, Microsoft and more at our Funder Roundtables:

2012-06-18 13:31:11
Games for Change @G4C

Up and at 'em folks! #g4c12's Social Team is ready to rock! Look for tweets from JL, JS, BAM, JY SF, SA, HL, RA, CN, and YK. We are excited!

2012-06-18 19:53:31
Games for Change @G4C

Attention #g4c12 attendees! Network with reps from PBS, Microsoft Research, and more, at our Funder Roundtables:

2012-06-18 20:00:21
Littleloud @Littleloud

For those attending this years @G4C #G4C12 festival, make sure you catch @simonparkin talking Sweatshop on Tuesday

2012-06-18 22:12:13
Games for Change @G4C

Over at #g4ckimmel Constance Steinkuehler Squire is getting the speakers excited for the Federal Games Working Group. #g4c12 ~JL

2012-06-18 22:13:09
Games for Change @G4C

.@wardtisdale sharing his opening remarks to kick us off. #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~jy

2012-06-18 22:24:41
Games for Change @G4C

"Why is game design important? Why it is important for kids?" asks @wardtisdale #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~jy

2012-06-18 22:26:23
Games for Change @G4C

STEM should be a skillset not seen as a subject matter. @thepetermania #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bam

2012-06-18 22:31:03
Games for Change @G4C

Ward Tisdale asks panel about success stories @wardtisdale #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bam

2012-06-18 22:32:28
Games for Change @G4C

"Rather than reading about science or complex systems, you actually get to display your own understanding of it." -Alex Games #g4c12 ~jy

2012-06-18 22:32:46
Games for Change @G4C

"We want to find new tools to engage girls in STEM." @girlstart #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bam

2012-06-18 22:34:47
Games for Change @G4C

Julie @girlstart tells the story of Audrey who programmed and produced the art for her own game. #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bam

2012-06-18 22:36:22
Games for Change @G4C

"We have had a lot of wins with teachers." Scott Peterman @thepetermania #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bam

2012-06-18 22:37:34
Games for Change @G4C

"Activate Games is not just making games, but making games about social issues." -@thepetermania #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~jy

2012-06-18 22:38:11
Games for Change @G4C

A full house over at #g4ckimmel. Standing room only as we begin the Federal Games Working Group. #g4c12 ~JL

2012-06-18 22:40:18
Games for Change @G4C

#g4cAMD MT @greenghoulie Girl starts with GirlStart as an artist, and leaves as a ChemE. That's a great story. #G4C12

2012-06-18 22:40:54
Games for Change @G4C

Constance Steinkuehler Squire kicking off #G4C12 and intro'ing @jesseschell

2012-06-18 22:43:27
Games for Change @G4C

"Agent Sheets" PC or MAC is a tool for Game Design. Likes it because of its personalization abilities. @girlstart #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bam

2012-06-18 22:46:37
Pete "Middle Name" Vigeant @greenghoulie

"Kids don't see gender bias as much as adults in games" #G4C12 "…girls want to shoot and mutilate too…"

2012-06-18 22:47:11
Games for Change @G4C

"Part of the promise of games is the digital exhaust they put out" - Constance Steinkuehler Squire. JS

2012-06-18 22:48:36
Games for Change @G4C

Alex Games: "If you're going to use game design for learning, you have to learn that first and foremost, kids want to play." #g4c12 ~jy

2012-06-18 22:52:48
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