Games For Change Festival 2012

ニューヨークで6月18日から6月20日まで開催された Games For Change Festivalの様子です。http://gamesforchange.org/festival2012/ 'Reality is Broken'の著者 Jane Macgonigalさんも中心となって開催されています。
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Games for Change @G4C

"Now game designers are taking advantage of the social graph, not just technology." Lucy Bradshaw, EA #G4C12 #G4CSkirball~yk

2012-06-21 07:01:42
Games for Change @G4C

"App stores changed the distribution model, lowering the friction and cost of creating games," Lucy Bradshaw, EA #G4C12 #G4CSkirball~yk

2012-06-21 07:04:02
Games for Change @G4C

Any last minute questions for Lucy and Michael? Tweet them @ us now! #g4c12 #g4cskirball

2012-06-21 07:08:42
Idit Harel @Idit

#LucyBradshaw #EA says FlashActionscript is TOP gamedev envrnmnt easy2use+powerful = It's why we use it in @globaloria @AdobeEdu @G4C #g4c12

2012-06-21 07:12:59
Pete "Middle Name" Vigeant @greenghoulie

Humble Indie Bundle shout out. You should get on that list - awesome games for super cheap! #g4c12

2012-06-21 07:14:33
Chris Hoadley @tophe

I appreciate that Lucy Bradshaw is not giving a corporate style keynote, sharing personal enthusiam for her own game experiences. #g4c12

2012-06-21 07:21:04
Games for Change @G4C

Lucy Bradshaw talks about SIMCITY, which exposes you to challenges outside of your city and create connection #G4C12 #G4CSkirball~yk

2012-06-21 07:24:50
Ai Ling Loo @ling_loo

Michael Gallagher and Lucy Bradshaw answering questions that came in through social media. #G4C12 http://t.co/cB9INFqf

2012-06-21 07:25:49
Games for Change @G4C

See if your favorite nominees take home the prize at the #g4cawards, live now: http://t.co/AEPYAxwj #g4c12 #g4cawards

2012-06-21 07:30:19
Games for Change @G4C

And the award for Most Significant Impact goes to @McKinney for SPENT! #g4cawards #G4C12

2012-06-21 07:42:00
Games for Change @G4C

The Award for Most Innovative game of the Year goes to WAY. Congrats @ChrisBellDesign. #g4cawards #G4C12

2012-06-21 07:44:03
Games for Change @G4C

The award for Best Gameplay goes to... Unmanned! #g4cawards #G4C12

2012-06-21 07:46:44
Games for Change @G4C

This is the big one. The best Game of The Year! #g4cawards #G4C12

2012-06-21 07:47:32
Games for Change @G4C

And @ChrisBellDesign takes the award for Game of The Year! Congrats to CoCo & Co. #g4cawards #G4C12

2012-06-21 07:50:07
Games for Change @G4C

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented, spoke and followed online! We on the social team thank you, as do Asi and Michelle! #G4C12

2012-06-21 07:53:18
Games for Change @G4C

Shout out to the social squad: BAM, SF, SA, RA, JS, CN, JY, YK, HL, and yours truly, JL. Thanks to all of you for helping us trend! #G4C12

2012-06-21 08:01:04
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