R&H どきどきカナダ旅行

Peterborough Little Lake Musicfestに参加するため、ラミンの故郷を訪れた3人の、どきどき旅行記ツイート。


”Plans Underway for Ramin Karimloo's Toronto Homecoming”(

Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

@steveyounguk @hadleyfraser well you know me. couple of others I'll be suggesting. old tune Hadley and I wrote about my hometown. Simple tho

2012-06-27 07:23:56
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Soccer aside, been listening to rehearsals. Going to be great in Peterborough this Sat. Great to have Sheytoons together with @steveyounguk

2012-07-02 06:46:54
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Broken is finally finished and She is Loved (Wings) is also finished now. Excited to be part of How Many Times by @hadleyfraser great tune.

2012-07-02 06:50:51
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Peterborough's weather looks great all week until Saturday. Seems like thunder may be on the cards. Either way, we will have so much fun.

2012-07-02 22:35:39
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Productive rehearsal in a very hot room. Steve Young and fellow Sheytoon Hadley Fraser rehearsing for Peterb

2012-07-04 02:36:34
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Thanks for all the tweets today. Been a busy one getting ready for the concert on Sat in Peterborough Ontario. Album, Sheytoons and more.

2012-07-04 02:38:13
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Can't wait to get by the lake again. Be a great start to what will come in September during the tour including Brampton.

2012-07-04 06:12:13
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

@hadleyfraser @steveyounguk can't wait to show you my home town. Can't believe, same hotel that I stayed in when I first arrived 32 yrs ago

2012-07-04 06:20:18


Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Peterborough, there's no where else I'd rather start this off. Amazing to be home. Still feels like it too.

2012-07-05 09:10:05
まさわ @satomasawa


2013-03-02 01:51:53
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Hello Toronto. Boy it's a frickin heat wave. Love it. Now in Peterborough. Home. Got a great Energy here tonight. Festival has started.

2012-07-05 09:12:33
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

When I first left Iran then went to Italy then Peterborough Ontario, the first place my family was put up was this same hotel. 32 yrs ago

2012-07-05 09:16:13
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Everyone if they can, head on down to Little Lake on Saturday. It's great here. Let's do a stage jump.

2012-07-05 10:13:45


Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Hadley, Steve and I christening my homecoming with a pitcher. (there goes my diet)

2012-07-05 10:32:47
Hadley Fraser @hadleyfraser

Well, Peterborough, Ontario seems like a good place. Good people, good energy, good music. Nice to get on the guitar again and play...

2012-07-05 11:40:32
Hadley Fraser @hadleyfraser

Getting our guitars on the flight was no mean feat, so it's not a given. Rehearsals tomorrow; beer and wings tonight. x

2012-07-05 11:42:42