Jim Coplien 氏講演会「DCIアーキテクチャ」(2010年1月14日、早稲田大学)

http://patterns-wg.fuka.info.waseda.ac.jp/dci2010.html の実況中継、勝手まとめ。
Takuto Wada @t_wada

#dciwaseda で行きます > Jim Coplien の DCI 講演@早稲田

2010-01-14 19:41:49
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"Object Oriented is about end-users' mental model. Not (only?) about coupling, cohesion, and polymorphism" - Jim Coplien #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 19:42:31
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"Agile is about doing then fixing. Doing, fixing, ... there is NO thinking in agile" #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 19:45:39
Takuto Wada @t_wada

MOP,AOP,SOP いろいろな試みが問題の 75% しか解いてないのは Class oriented programming に囚われすぎているからだ #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 19:48:46
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"Class is very very dumb thing. Extremely dumb. Stupid. They can't change." #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 19:51:46
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"Need to compose the generic algorithms of method-ful roles with the classes whose objects play those roles" #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:02:08
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"それ Ruby の module でできるよ" #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:03:48
Takuto Wada @t_wada

講演のサンプルコードが ruby だ! #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:05:02
太一 @ryushi

件のドキュメントには、「In Squeak and Scala, we can use traits directly.」とあるな。cf. http://bit.ly/IZJc #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:11:29
SAKAMOTO Kazunori @exKAZUu

Algorithms read like algorithms rather than fragments #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:14:31
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"Polymorphism is gone. All obejcts that play the same role process the same messages with the same methods." #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:16:31
てつ。 @tetsu_m

#dciwaseda の講演内容は #oredev の時の http://bit.ly/7s90uU と、どれくらい被ってるんだろうか?

2010-01-14 20:16:50
Takuto Wada @t_wada

「TDD やってるひと」で手を挙げたら "TDD will kill you" と言われたなう #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:16:50
Kakutani Shintaro @kakutani


2010-01-14 20:21:43
SAKAMOTO Kazunori @exKAZUu

RT @t_wada: 「TDD やってるひと」で手を挙げたら "TDD will kill you" と言われたなう #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:19:49
Tomokazu Imai 🍑🍀 @bobbyjam99

RT @t_wada: 「TDD やってるひと」で手を挙げたら "TDD will kill you" と言われたなう #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:22:10
れぐたん @regtan

すごく前後の話が気になる RT @t_wada: 「TDD やってるひと」で手を挙げたら "TDD will kill you" と言われたなう #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:23:50
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"TDD don't test classes, they only test methods. TDD is bottom-up programming from methods, end up to procedual architecture." #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:24:51
Takuto Wada @t_wada

"There is no notion of system structure. But this is not TDD fault." #dciwaseda

2010-01-14 20:25:51
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