Fianait Gallagher @Feenaaa_


2010-08-03 11:20:49
elf eilish @eilish_k182

apparently a bomb just went off in Derry? wa?!

2010-08-03 11:32:44
draco malfoy. @artbreaker_x

@Feenaaa_ shiiiit Feena D: hope everyone's okay! i told my dad i had a friend living in Derry and he was all like "well as long as she...

2010-08-03 11:33:16
draco malfoy. @artbreaker_x

@Feenaaa_ calls it Derry and not Londonderry. Idgi. why can't you call it londonderry? D: xx

2010-08-03 11:33:49
Éimear Willis @eimearwillis

Ozzy this is NOT the right time to be having a nightmare love! So people all over Derry heard that bang? #worrying

2010-08-03 11:50:07
Karma @karmadoll_

Okay so huge bomb in derry in the middle of the night, woke basically the whole town up! Fucking mental

2010-08-03 11:52:31

bomb believed to be at Strand Rd PSNI Station in Derry. No casualties but eyewitnesses are saying there's a bit of damage

2010-08-03 12:06:02
Red_Maggie @Red_maggie

Reports that a bomb has gone off near Shore St PSNI barracks in Derry. So much for it all being over. Let's no innocents have been harmed.

2010-08-03 12:23:27
Noxy @ Hypixel Studios @Noxywoxy

Phoned a friend living beside police station. Apparently Katayas is gone + more damage. Carbomb went off, still burning. Derry #Derry

2010-08-03 12:37:05
Ryan McGonagle @Our_Sea

jeez a #bomb just went off in #Derry and some #gunfire. awww while craic hi lol

2010-08-03 13:05:39
Mark Monaghan @M_Mon

#Carbomb in #Derry outside strand barracks, buildings across street apparently badly damaged. smoke coming from the barracks

2010-08-03 13:10:23
lily bean @lilleebean

Just dropped @killingflowers off at the bus stop . Lower Strand Road blocked ...reports of bomb in #derry .

2010-08-03 13:35:55
lily bean @lilleebean

#derry update just now on gmtv. Taxi driver forced at gunpoint to drive bomb to strand rd psnistation. Bomb went off around 3 a.m.

2010-08-03 14:08:35
lily bean @lilleebean

apparently buildings damaged, homes still evacuated. Bomb in #derry

2010-08-03 14:10:10
Jim Harte @jimharte

BBC reporting a car bomb has exploded in Derry - no other details yet (via @Jim_Montgomery) :o/

2010-08-03 14:38:09
GlobalIncidentMap @GlobalIM Bomb Incidents/Explosives/ Hoax Devices:UNITED KINGDOM - Car Bomb Explodes In Derry

2010-08-03 15:51:05
UTV @utv

Alert in Londonderry: The army bomb squad is examining a car which has been abandoned outside a police station in ...

2010-08-03 14:28:13
UTV @utv

Car bomb explodes outside police station: A car bomb has exploded outside the Strand Road police station in London...

2010-08-03 14:58:40
Justin O'Neill @justin_0neill

Another bomb ! BBC News - 'Car bomb' explodes near derry police station: .

2010-08-03 15:08:32

A device is reported to have detonated in a taxi close to a police station in Londonderry early on Tuesday.

2010-08-03 15:21:01
Chris Hagan @hagan_utv

Bomb has caused considerable damage outside Strand Road police station in Derry

2010-08-03 15:54:38

Bomb explodes outside Derry police station: A car bomb has exploded outside Strand Road police station in Derry ...

2010-08-03 16:11:09


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