Personal Digital Archiving 2013 #pda2013

Personal Digital Archiving 2013 Dates: February 21st and 22nd, 2013 Location: University of Maryland, College Park 続きを読む
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Erin Engle @erinengle
PSU study re: librarians helping faculty manage/archive personal digital materials work now, not just at the end of career #pda2013
Matthew Kirschenbaum @mkirschenbaum
Survey data presented at #pda2013 suggests that among the disciplines humanists are by far the most careless with personal files and data.
a Grotke @agrotke
Older faculty (over 40) tend to save websites, photos, emails. Younger ones not so much. #pda2013
Perry Collins @perrycollins
PSU study: Scholars across disciplines value pubs as most meaningful legacy, but also concern that focus on CV limits scholarship. #pda2013
Matthew Kirschenbaum @mkirschenbaum
"Tenure track faculty tend to be more territorial." #pda2013
Leslie Johnston @lljohnston
Interesting that annotation and linked data are considered a potential solution for research data mgmt challenges by faculty #pda2013
Bill LeFurgy @blefurgy
Lack of training, procedural confusion major issues in faculty management of personal digital data #pda2013
Ondatra iSchoolicus; @LibSkrat
All I get when I offer data-mgmt training, or suggest to libns that THEY offer training, is 'tude, I gotta say. #pda2013
Gary McGath @GaryM03062
The academic system rewards end products (pubs) almost exclusively. #pda2013
Dr. Amanda Visconti @Literature_Geek
@trueXstory Your #pda2013 presentation sounds awesome. Are you going to the 2nd THATCamp Games in April? (
Peplluis de la Rosa of no ETH away @peplluis7
Personal Digital Preservation #pda2013 is abot sharing: the more you share it, the more likely it to be preserved @CentreEasy @It_is_forever
Perry Collins @perrycollins
.@hangal representing Stanford Libs on access to email archives for hist. research—related to MUSE project discussed this morning. #pda2013
ndiipp @ndiipp
Now @hangal on using email archives for historical research #pda2013
Leslie Johnston @lljohnston
@hangal ePADD email archive analysis and visualization tool from Stanford. #pda2013
Grace Lile @gracelile
More from @hangal Email archives for historical research using ePADD #pda2013
a Grotke @agrotke
@jvinopal not sure of specifics, this tidbit out of survey, shared in presentation by project team for #pda2013
Bill LeFurgy @blefurgy
Emailchemy, Mailstore Home mentioned as useful email converter tools #pda2013
Lauren “happy lundi gras” Goodley @laurenbgood
Even if you can't provide online public.access to emails,, you can use tools to make them discoverable online. #pda2013
Trevor Muñoz @trevormunoz
Interesting ideas from Stanford project (presented by @hangal) on how to display snippets from email archive on the web. #pda2013
Trevor Muñoz @trevormunoz
#pda2013 Use of other web text (e.g. Wikipedia) to enhance item view in email archive sounds like work @jengolbeck discussed at #mithdd