3/2マーティンのファンチャットまとめ #theHobbit #AskBilbo!

the Hobbit LIVE Twitter chat with #MartinFreeman まとめて読む用にどうぞ
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

#TheHobbit's very own Bilbo, Martin Freeman, is here and ready to answer your questions! #AskBilbo

2013-03-02 10:30:59
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Unfortunately, I think not. RT @ClartyShoe: @TheHobbitMovie will we get to hear you singing with the dwarves at any point? #AskBilbo

2013-03-02 10:32:33
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

I wasn't, but I am now RT @19freckles94: #AskBilbo Were you a fan of the Lord of the Rings films before you were cast as Bilbo?

2013-03-02 10:32:51
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Wonderful. RT @sherlockbaggins: how would you describe your acting style? #askbilbo

2013-03-02 10:33:22
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

RT @andthisisRose: #AskBilbo I've only read the hobbit not LOTR we can still be friends right?

2013-03-02 10:34:00
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Absolutely, I've only read #TheHobbit and not LOTR.

2013-03-02 10:34:26
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

I would say a mountain range called The Remarkables. Absolutely beautiful.

2013-03-02 10:34:58
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

No, not a whole lot. Same actor plays him. RT @Lisamkossmann: @TheHobbitMovie Do you see any of Dr. Watson in Bilbo Baggins? #AskBilbo

2013-03-02 10:35:33
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

RT @ginaBLANKD: @thehobbitmovie if you lived in Middle Earth, would you be a hobbit, a dwarf or an elf? Greeting from Mexico! #AskBilbo

2013-03-02 10:35:47
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

I kind of like the way elves conduct themselves. They swan around quite stylishly. They kick ass, but they're peaceful.

2013-03-02 10:36:21
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Yes. Yes, I would. I did. RT @shakespond: #AskBilbo if you had the decision, would you go on an adventure despite the risks?

2013-03-02 10:36:56
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

RT @SuperDarkRose: #AskBilbo What was the most challenging scene that you performed in? @TheHobbitMovie

2013-03-02 10:37:17
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Well, I enjoy a challenge, so enjoyable scenes were riddles in the dark and anything with @IanMcKellen.

2013-03-02 10:37:54
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

I do still deejay sometimes. For the right people. At the right club. RT @MizzCatLover: #AskBilbo Do you still Deejay sometimes?

2013-03-02 10:38:34
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

RT @Rebel4_12: @TheHobbitMovie #AskBilbo What do you like the most about Bilbo as a character?

2013-03-02 10:39:21
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

His integrity, I think. And his ability to surprise himself.

2013-03-02 10:39:24
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

RT @cumberlord: #AskBilbo If you were confronted with a tall man who thought he was a wizard, at your door in real life, what would YOU do?

2013-03-02 10:39:36
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

I would shut the door and lock it. Well... if he were friendly, I'd hear him out.

2013-03-02 10:40:04
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

If I knew it was @IanMcKellen, I'd invite him in. If not, then no.

2013-03-02 10:40:25
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Feet. Because they're not on show so much. RT @generalnerdy: #AskBilbo Would you prefer hairy feet or hairy hands? #MartinFreeman

2013-03-02 10:40:58
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

RT @Irynne55: @TheHobbitMovie #AskBilbo When all the filming ends, which of the props Bilbo uses are you planning to ask for a keepsake?

2013-03-02 10:41:46
The Hobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Well, I did keep Bilbo's contract. Sting, the sword. And my favorite was his dressing gown. I had my eye on it immediately.

2013-03-02 10:42:15