トニー・ブレアの回顧録、A Journeyが9月1日に出ました。これを受けて、Twitter上は「真顔でジョーク」のパーティ会場。ブレアといえば「誠実さ honesty」が疑問視されている政治家の筆頭で、主にそれをネタにした「真顔ジョーク」です。ただしあまり直球で下品なものは外してあります。 回顧録の内容については、真面目な新聞記事などをお読みください。例えば下記。 続きを読む
Guardian politics @GdnPolitics

Tony Blair: I knew Gordon Brown would be a disaster

2010-09-01 06:48:41
New Statesman @NewStatesman

Mehdi Hasan knocks down Blair's lies on Iraq one by one

2010-09-01 19:06:46
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

ブレア回想録へのツッコミ から抜粋: "As Saddam came to power in 1979, Iraq (cont)

2010-09-02 09:21:50
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills


2010-09-02 08:17:39
Guardian politics @GdnPolitics

Tony Blair's book is out tomorrow. Give us your best guess for the first line

2010-09-01 00:07:58
New Statesman @NewStatesman

First extracts of Tony Blair book will trickle out from 11.30 tonight. Meantime, predictions please for the opening line...

2010-09-01 02:35:49
David Biggins @MrMilktray

Settle thy studies, Faustus, and begin to sound the depth of that thou wilt profess: #blair1stlines

2010-09-01 04:04:31
Ewan Stevenson @ewants

@NewStatesman Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste, I've been around for a long, long year... #Blair1stlines

2010-09-01 03:58:22
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

listening to "The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For the Devil-The David Frost Show 1968" ♫

2010-09-02 06:45:48
David Bartram @davidjbartram

RT @NewStatesman: RT @DavidWhe "I really had wanted to be in a band, but when destiny called, I was ready..." #Blair1stLines

2010-09-01 03:16:20
Rothers @SoniaRothwell

#Blair1stlines I was the people's prime-minister and that is how I will stay, how I will remain in your hearts and minds forever.

2010-09-01 00:31:39
FcZeRoberto @FCZeRoberto

#Blair1stlines 'To the one I love, thanks for being there when I stand in front of a mirror."

2010-09-01 00:31:39
James Martin Charlton @jmc_fire

#Blair1stlines Of my First Disobedience, and the Fruit Of that Illegal War, whose mortal taste Brought Death into Iraq, and all our woe...

2010-09-01 04:04:53
jfraseruk @jfraseruk

"As George & I prayed on our knees together in the Oval Office seeking guidance , I could hear Alistair shouting outside" #Blair1stLines

2010-09-01 03:42:39
Phil Chamberlain @philchamberlain

@NewStatesman You know, it may have taken longer than six days but at least I never rested in my bid to rebuild Britain. #blair1stlines

2010-09-01 03:10:56
James Martin Charlton @jmc_fire

#Blair1stlines In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. I was with God in the beginning...

2010-09-01 03:59:34
Phil Dyson @PhilDyson

In the beginning was Me. And I saw I was good. #Blair1stLines

2010-09-01 06:43:23
jfraseruk @jfraseruk

#Blair1stlines 2,000 years ago in Nazareth I had found it so easy, but this time round it was difficult convincing people I had risen again

2010-09-01 03:29:21
Phil Chamberlain @philchamberlain

@NewStatesman Margaret nibbled my ear whispering "You are my true heir" and from then on I knew my destiny. #blair1stlines

2010-09-01 03:20:32
Adrian Brown @AdeJB

Old labour is a foreign country, they do things differently there #Blair1stlines

2010-09-01 08:01:45
Scott Colvin @scottcolvin

#Blair1stLines 'I always wanted to be a Conservative, and in 1994, I finally got my wish'

2010-09-01 03:17:00
⚫️ Thérèse @TiggerTherese

"I first met Donald Rumsfeld when I was a 21 year old student; he had an amazing plan for destroying socialism in the UK..." #Blair1stLines

2010-09-01 07:32:22


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BBCでのアンドルー・マーのインタビューについてのtweetsなどを追加。(re: トニー・ブレア回想録)
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