R.I.P. Toren Smith

I collected reactions about the NEWS of the Manga translating pioneer, Toren Smith passed out. These tweets are written in NOT Japanese. The collection of tweets wrote in Japanese is here; http://togetter.com/li/468518 I am surprised and feel so grad he is loved by so many MANGA fans outside of Japan. I missed him so much. 続きを読む
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Jaap van der Doelen @jmonkey

Pioneering Manga Translator Toren Smith Passes Away at 52 http://t.co/t6e6oBs6U0 via @AOL

2013-03-08 23:07:24
J! @JingleBelleTime

Thinking about Toren Smith (RIP) & trying to remember where & when I saw my first anime film in a theatre. Want to say it was in SF's Roxie?

2013-03-09 00:00:58
Zilch Mandible @Zachmountain

Nice article by Andy Khouri about the untimely passing of great translator Toren Smith. http://t.co/3jdbKChG66

2013-03-09 00:44:37
Funimation UK & IRE @funimationUK

If you haven't already, be sure to read the obituary for Toren Smith written by Jonathan Clements on our blog at http://t.co/bnTKAelSc5 ^JG

2013-03-09 02:23:19
ejen @ AMKE @cosplayamerica

Pioneering Manga Translator Toren Smith Passes Away at 52 http://t.co/cTOGczJ6Dk ( via @comicsalliance )

2013-03-09 03:35:20
Guía del Cómic @guiadelcomic

Ha muerto con 52 años Toren Smith, figura histórica de la edición de manga en EEUU (y en occidente por derivación): http://t.co/NNagzc97qR

2013-03-09 03:58:15
calistina 용기는 베풀에서 시작된다 @calistina_KZ

Fallece Toren Smith (Studio Prometheus,con Akira, Aplessed...) con 52 años. D.E.P.

2013-03-09 04:00:57
Andrea Nicosia @ancos

È morto Toren Smith. Tutti gli appassionati di manga sono in debito con lui http://t.co/0gFuoxSmZd

2013-03-09 05:02:29
Otaku News @otaku_news

Manga Industry Pioneer Toren Smith Passes Away - http://t.co/Lh15tzOfYd

2013-03-09 06:03:51
✨Char✨ @tristencitrine

Listening to this week's ANNCast and hearing @worldofcrap and @ANNZac talk about Toren Smith and anime history is making me tear up here.

2013-03-09 07:22:02
Adam Warren @EmpoweredComic

Anyhoo, a few days late, wanted to say thanks, everybody, for the kind words about my late friend Toren Smith. Much appreciated, believe me.

2013-03-09 12:14:50
Matt Penn @Dawgstar3000

@EmpoweredComic If it weren't for you and him, I really wouldn't be reading manga now, so thanks to you and Mr. Toren Smith both.

2013-03-09 12:18:34
Joe @archangelzxv

Toren Smith died. He founded Studio Proteus, translated Ghost in the Shell, worked on Adam Warren's Dirty Pair, which all got me into manga.

2013-03-09 12:53:21
Jaymie @jaymiejmoore

Pioneering Manga Translator Toren Smith Passes Away at 52 http://t.co/cPPzuEObUj

2013-03-09 12:55:56
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