Terry Jonesの野望

ふとTwitterの画面を見たらTerry Jonesがトレンディング・トピック入りしていました。まさか…と思ってクリックしたところ…… Nobody expects, er, er ... ……というわけで、あのテリー・ジョーンズさんではなかったのですが、その話もtwitter上にはたくさんありまして、それらをまとめておきつつ、今回話題のテリー・ジョーンズさんについてもまとめてみました。 プロフィールは米ABCの記事が読みやすくわかりやすかったです。 続きを読む
エバンジェリスト 米国 宗教右派 アメリカ
DC Debbie aka VOTE BLUE @DCdebbie
Today is "International Literacy Day," not to be confused with "International ILLiteracy Day" celebrated by Terry Jones on 9/11 #QuranBurner
Matt F @flayman
US Pastor Terry Jones wants to "expose Islam for what it is... a violent and oppressive religion." He will do this by burning books. Twat.
Terry Jones, a minister at the Dove World Outreach Centre, encourages the burning of the Koran. But there is a contradiction in the title!
dear Rev. Terry Jones. islam is not of the devil. don't put your country and faith to shame. live love respect.
News footage of Pastor Terry Jones is the most disturbing of the week, not least the handgun that is on top of his desk within easy reach.
CBS Top News @CBSTopNews
Rev. Terry Jones: Quran Burning "Very Necessary" http://bit.ly/bUaEBZ
Guardian US @GuardianUS
Qu'ran burning: Pastor Jones's moment in the spotlight | Anshuman A Mondal http://bit.ly/98hNUJ
Meeting of the Minds @MotMinds75
He confirmed he would be armed during the event. "We our prepared to give our lives for this," he said. -Rev Terry Jones on burning Qur'ans
News 96.5 (WDBO) @news965wdbo
Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones says he has to burn the Quran and is convinced that Jesus would do the same! Watch... http://fb.me/IS4A9NS0
Doug DeLong @okinawadoug
Watch Anderson Cooper interview Terry Jones, the lunatic pastor who plans to burn Korans on 9/11. Dig the 'stache, tho. http://bit.ly/bXUd71
Rick Tillery 🎥 @ricktillery
Think we're all asking this... RT @petershankman Dear Rev. Terry Jones: WHAT THE #$%!@ IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Stephen @BillyGottaJob
I rarely find myself incoherent with rage. But today I am. It's that fucking Rev Terry Jones' fault. Read why here. http://is.gd/f0VlA
FamousRob @FamousRob
Pastor Terry Jones currently doing great job of proving he has no understanding of religion, psychology, terrorism, community or respect
that's Mr to you. @wuf810
Are there no Race Hate laws in the US? If yes then why don't they arrest "pastor" Terry Jones as soon as he starts to burn the Koran
Braindeadcuestatic @BD_CS
If the likes of pastor Terry Jones is what freedom of speech entails, you're better off without it America! #dumbass
Tone down for what? @Tone7x20
so Terry Jones is going ahead with his burning in a few days, why don't the police go arrest him for inciting hatred?
Sijan Baral @sijan
Why can't the US govt prosecute Christian fundamentalist like Terry Jones for inciting hate crime? Isn't democracy tolerance and respect?
Euan Rellie @euanrellie
Mayor Bloomberg says Pastor Terry Jones has the right to burn the Koran, even though he finds the idea "distasteful." He's right.
Michael Guill @MichaelGuill
This Terry Jones guy may be a zealot, but either we have the freedom to be insensitive or we don't. Just sayin'
David Ra @crspy420
Just because you have Freedom of Speech doesn't give you the right to abuse it Shame on you Pastor Terry Jones.
Mike Kasprow @mikekasprow
I've seen nutbars on CNN before, but this Terry Jones makes Rick Sanchez look like Charlie Rose
News and Java @newsandjava
Who Is Terry Jones? Pastor Behind 'Burn a Koran Day': A profile of Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Cent... http://bit.ly/cY9PCM
Brianti Downing @brianti
Please do not let the "Dr." title given to Terry Jones fool you. You can print out a doctorate in theology for $50 on the Internet.
Queen Castaneda @Maura2434
Terry Jones is the pastor of a Gainesville, Florida based Dove World Outreach Center who is planning Interna... http://tinyurl.com/2a4ny6x


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