Open Data on the Web Day 1

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Chris Metcalf @chrismetcalf

Time to kick off #odw13. Looking forward to two fun days in Shoreditch.

2013-04-23 17:25:54
Peter Murray-Rust @petermurrayrust

#odw13 At Open data London today. Looks to be a fantastic day

2013-04-23 17:27:05
Lotte Belice @lottebelice

The excellent @philarcher1 and @danbri kicking off #odw13 at #campuslondon. First presentation will be on #opendata at the @UkNatArchives.

2013-04-23 17:28:18
Zach Beauvais @beauvais

And @johnlsheridan preaching it… quoting scripture at #odw13… wondering if I've had a stroke.

2013-04-23 17:29:14
Tim Davies - @timdavies

.@johnlsheridan starting #odw13 from the #opendata pulpit with a scriptural focus on solid foundation: be not the foolish open data builders

2013-04-23 17:29:45
Richard Wallis @rjw

#odw13 at #campuslondon just kicking off - more brains per square foot than I have seen in a long time!

2013-04-23 17:30:37
Jeni Tennison @JeniT

#odw13 @johnlsheridan three challenges for open data: discovery, cementing, sustaining

2013-04-23 17:30:56 @alvarograves

#odw13 Discovering, cementing and sustaining open data, the challenges mentioned by @johnlsheridan

2013-04-23 17:31:08
Ant Beck @AntArch

MY day is stuffed #odw13 stream will be taking most of my attention

2013-04-23 17:31:36
Yoshiaki Fukami @rhys_no1

IRCチャネルがあるところに、やっぱりW3CのWorkshopだな、と感じます。: I found the IRC channel for this WS, and get realized to know WS is co-organized by w3c #odw13

2013-04-23 17:32:04
Peter Murray-Rust @petermurrayrust

#odw13 @johnsheridan communities are a good way of managing open data.

2013-04-23 17:32:19
Peter Murray-Rust @petermurrayrust

#odw13 @johnsheridan (2) national institutions can create trusted open data

2013-04-23 17:32:48
Peter Murray-Rust @petermurrayrust

#odw13 @johnsheridan (3) legislation also good for open data. INSPIRE demands open data for geospatial

2013-04-23 17:33:29
Jeni Tennison @JeniT

#odw13 @johnlsheridan: strategy 3: make laws that mandate open data publication (eg INSPIRE)

2013-04-23 17:33:54
Lotte Belice @lottebelice

.@johnlsheridan of @UkNatArchives on how to counter #opendata challenges: communities, institutional commitment, and new legislation #odw13

2013-04-23 17:34:02
Jeni Tennison @JeniT

#odw13 @johnlsheridan: @UKODI's open data certificate may be most important thing that the community works on this year

2013-04-23 17:35:04
Peter Murray-Rust @petermurrayrust

#odw13 @johnsheridan Open data certificate may be one of most important activities this year

2013-04-23 17:35:09
Alexander Coley @alexrcoley

#odw13 @johnlsheridan: using INSPIRE as an example - who'd have thought

2013-04-23 17:35:34
Yoshiaki Fukami @rhys_no1

ここからは、日本に向けて実況を交えます。Keynote/ Panelのプレゼン一人目は、The National Archives (UK) のJohn Sheridanによる、"Building our houses on rock" #odw13

2013-04-23 17:35:57
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