Open Data on the Web Day 1

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Elie Sloïm @ElieSl

Le Monsieur qui prend la photo au milieu, c'est @timberners_lee . Au delà d'intimidé, je suis #odw13

2013-04-24 03:03:29
Lotte Belice @lottebelice

. @philarcher1 at @UKODI event: "Look around you, there's people here working on #linkeddata, and people who hate #linkeddata." #odw13 #lol

2013-04-24 03:08:21
Dr Bernadette Hyland-Wood @BernHyland

Thanks @agentgav for great tour of amazing art in beautiful ODI London space, very welcoming #opendata #W3C #odw13

2013-04-24 03:16:06
Kingsley Uyi Idehen @kidehen

#RDF can be a Reality Distortion Field. One so potent that it now has folks loving and hating the same thing. #LinkedData #AWWW #odw13 #lol

2013-04-24 03:18:57
Erik Bruchez @ebruchez

@JeniT: #odw13 Jim King: people have focused on the aspects of PDFs that are oriented towards paper, not electronic aspects” cc @bruno1970

2013-04-24 03:26:05
Frank van Harmelen @FrankVanHarmele

RT @philarcher1: happy to hear Michael Lutz at #odw13 saying INSPIRE allows and now recommends HTTP URIs as identifiers << happy indeed!

2013-04-24 05:01:16
John @johng225

#odw13 looks like fun...sad to be missing it. Some how it completely passed me by..

2013-04-24 05:01:43
Nelson Piedra 🇪🇨🇺🇦 @nopiedra

+1 “@lottebelice: The Open Data Institute has #OpenData certificates that specify what good data looks like #odw13

2013-04-24 06:51:52
Alex Dutton @alexsdutton

OH "Why is everything so bloody hard in SharePoint?" "I wish I knew. It's puzzling." #odw13

2013-04-24 07:09:14 @alvarograves

REALLY interesting 1st day of #ODW13, can't wait for the second

2013-04-24 07:22:31
Andy Turner @agdturner

Hopefully a creative link of #BDW13 and #odw13. Peace be with you!

2013-04-24 07:51:47
johnlsheridan @johnlsheridan

Some brilliant people at #ODW13. Key question for me - is #opendata overall moving forward or plateaued? Do we now need quantity or quality?

2013-04-24 08:11:23
olegshilovitsky @olegshilovitsky

RT @rtroncy Linked CSV: Enabling CSV to be linked together and to be interpreted as RDF. #odw13 via @JeniT

2013-04-24 08:55:29
Christopher Gu〹eridge @cgutteridge

@johnlsheridan I would bet that the next wave of open data is organisations which do it for a 1st-mover return on investment. #guess #odw13

2013-04-24 09:11:38
johnlsheridan @johnlsheridan

@owenboswarva regarding #opendata progress "floundered" a) have you a diagnosis? (or do you just mean PAF) b) what's the cure? #odw13

2013-04-24 14:08:09
Tom Heath #FBPE @tommyh

Didnt realise until yesterday that PDF was an ISO standard. But you still have to pay CHF238 for the spec doc (in PDF!). #meta #odw13

2013-04-24 14:56:49
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