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Check it out. >> RT via @gamificationjp [archives] 巨大自販機登場!あなたならどうする?Coca-Cola’s Friendship...

2013-09-04 07:51:08
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Check it out. >> RT @gamificationjp [archives] 地球の反対側からコーラがおごってもらえる!?ペプシのソーシャル自動販売機地球の反...

2013-09-04 07:52:19
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『学校をゲームにしよう』#教育 × #ゲーミフィケーション のブログです。タイトル下[コメントする]からご感想などお願いします。#gamification #education #school >>

2013-09-04 03:45:20
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Check it out. >> RT How to Use Gamification to Motivate Your Sales Force via @quoteroller

2013-09-04 08:06:35
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Check it out. >> RT Gamification: Using play to motivate employees and engage customers by @rstrohmeyer via @pcworld

2013-09-04 08:00:00
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RT Case Study: The Effect of Presenting Ads as Rewards in Mobile Games #gamification via @gamificationco

2013-09-04 08:03:07
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Check it out. >> RT Not iT - Gamify Life by Not iT Labs via @kickstarter

2013-09-04 08:01:32
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Gamification: The Stakes for Content Design [guest blog] «TechComm Central by Adobe - #contentstrategy #gamification

2013-09-04 06:00:48