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インドで9/5の教師の日に盲ろうの少女役が出た映画"Black"で教師役を務めたAmitabh Bachchanさんが紹介 #JDIC

2013-09-06 13:14:13
リンク Teachers' Day: When Bollywood actors took up teaching - Indian Express Teaching is that profession, which gives birth to all other professions.
Soya Mori @SL_at_IDE

インドの公立,公社立学校の中に教室よりも事務所が多い学校がある実態は,生徒達が自由に学校で休み時間に遊ぶこともできないことを意味する,これはろう学校でも同じ #JDIC

2013-09-06 13:21:21
リンク The Times of India Government offices displace classes - The Times of India Some government and municipal corporation school buildings now have more offices than classrooms. A North Delhi Municipal Corporation school in Moti Nagar that houses several offices is verily a prison for students as they arent allowed to step out and p
Soya Mori @SL_at_IDE

インドでタミールナドゥ州州知事,聴覚障害者の警備員志望者を採用しなかった学校教育相を解任,皮肉にも教師の日に #JDIC

2013-09-06 13:33:05
リンク The Times of India TN school education minister axed on Teachers Day - The Times of India Chief minister J Jayalalithaa on Thursday dropped school education minister Vaigaichelvan from the state cabinet and also stripped him of his post in the AIADMK. Ironically, the minister was sacked on Teachers Day, hours before he was scheduled to attend
Soya Mori @SL_at_IDE

インドのろう者の社会への統合のため,聴者に手話を覚えてもらうコース設立の必要 #JDIC

2013-09-06 13:55:38
リンク Sign Language Course for the Hearing Impaired Students Recent policy decisions have tried to undo the roadblocks faced by hearing impaired students in pursuing higher education
Soya Mori @SL_at_IDE

インドでろうの少女のレイプ犯を捕まえられなかったばかりか,少女には知的障害があるのではないかなどと尋ねた西ベンガル警察,カルカッタ高裁の怒りを買う #JDIC

2013-09-06 14:57:06
リンク Year after deaf and mute girl's gangrape, IO demands proof of her mental health - Indian Express The West Bengal Police Thursday faced the ire of Calcutta High Court for failing to arrest any of the five persons accused of raping a deaf and mute girl a year ago and asking the victim's mother to p
Soya Mori @SL_at_IDE

インドでろうの17歳の少女,知り合いの少年にレイプされ,妊娠していることが吐き気と熱で入院した病院で判明,少年は逮捕 #JDIC

2013-09-06 14:01:56
リンク The Times of India Youth held for raping deaf and speech-impaired teenager in Mumbai - The Times of India A youth was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly raping a deaf and speech-impaired girl (17) at his Govandi home.