エレクトロニック・アーツ社のサッカーゲーム『FIFA』シリーズに搭載されているモード「FIFA Ultimate Team」でゲーム内通貨(コイン)、FIFAポイント(コインの代わりに実費で購入出来る所謂消耗品DLC)、選手カードが盗まれる(消えただけ?)事案が海外のツイートで散見されます。このまとめはそれを追っていきます。
海外ではFUTのコインやFIFAポイント、選手カードが突然なくなる事例が多発しているようです。プラットフォームがXbox 360だったりPS3だったりするし、コンソールのアカウントハックの可能性を示唆していないのでEA(Origin)アカウントハックか、バグで消えたかのどちらかでしょうか
Jake @iJacob1337

@EASPORTSFIFA My account on FUT got hacked EA. he stole all my players and my money and more. Help

2013-08-20 17:51:09
Luc Fougere @LucFoug

@EASPORTSFIFA not even joking someone just hacked me!!!! Help please, he sold all my players and then took the coins!!! Help!!!

2013-10-01 20:57:24
Mason @mason_stoll

My FUT got hacked, I have no coins and my whole team is gone :(

2013-10-03 20:40:10
David Megicks @DavidMegicks

What the fuck, just been hacked on psn!!! Lost all my money and players on fut

2013-10-04 00:24:13
Connor welch @CjwsafcWelch

@EASPORTSFIFA my fut account has been hacked and I have lost all of my players apart from the starter pack players

2013-10-04 05:14:52
sonny smith @sonnyjim98

@EASPORTSFIFA my FUT has been hacked can you recover it?

2013-10-04 06:43:52
kane @kane_shields

@EASPORTSFIFA My fifa 14 account has been hacked and coins have been stolen is there any thing I can do to get them back ? PLEASE REPLY

2013-10-04 07:41:21
Adam Dillon @adillon58

@EASPORTSFIFA my fut has been hacked, all my players have been stolen, what do I do??

2013-10-04 21:45:34
Sam Bomba @SamBomba99

@AskEASupport hi my FUT account has been hacked. Is there anyway of me call EA or could you guide me to somewhere with immediate help.

2013-10-04 23:16:14
Danny Heat @DannyyLaLaLa

So somehow without signing me out my Fifa account got hacked and someone stole all 180,000 coins....

2013-10-04 23:20:00
daniel bryan @UnfezantLoL

@EA Hi i currently put 2200 fifa points on today and didnt recieve them what should i do and i also got hacked??

2013-10-05 01:45:14

I had been hacked 4 times losing 50k because I had been hacked on FUT 14. But now ea has solved the problem and has gave me 20k compensation

2013-10-05 03:08:38
Joel Ross pearson @Pearsonthegamer

@EASP0RTFIFA @MaLoki88 ea please help i got hacked on my fut 14 ultimate team

2013-10-05 04:16:30
Lud @Ludwyng_

@AskEASupport my ultimate team got hacked on FIFA 14 and lost everything.. What is this mane?

2013-10-05 05:23:31
Random Guy @ih_random

@EASPORTSFIFA someone has hacked my account and took my FIFA coins or money. The persons PS3 name is hassan446 please ban him and give me $

2013-10-05 06:02:27
un known @AldHelal

@EA can you help my account in fut 14 was hacked all my players and money disappeared my ps3 Id is Xx_k_m_99_xX my orign Id mohamedhilal21

2013-10-05 17:50:27
ryan tomkins @ryantomkins1982

@EASPORTSFIFA just woke up this morning and all my players from my FUT have gone. have I been hacked and what can I do about it thanks

2013-10-05 21:24:28
P•LO @Pablitoo_07

My FIFA ultimate team got hacked all my players are gone!

2013-10-06 06:50:28
Jæmęß* @chapmanxpr

My FUT's been hacked, i want to kill someone

2013-10-06 07:12:32
Danny Bakker @DannyOrange

ME FUT account gehackt. Al me spelers verkocht en met al die coins een bronzen niets zeggende speler gekocht. Leuk. :)

2013-10-06 18:37:03
Sher Ali @SherZcool

@EASPORTSFIFA I got hacked on fifa 14 can You guys help me PLEASE i'm so sad

2013-10-07 00:37:01
〽 Aslam X 〽 @MuhammadAslamEA

@AskEASupport hello there... My fut 14 has been hacked... Can you help me? Im a ps3 user from singapore...

2013-10-07 16:16:11


そらまめ @Solamame 2014年1月29日