#Targets13 でまとめたもの。全く編集していないので、取りあえずの備忘録として。
Philippe Aftimos, MD @aftimosp

Drop by our 2 poster presentations on Sunday and Monday at #Targets13 in Boston.

2013-10-19 21:38:37
Philippe Aftimos, MD @aftimosp

Presenting on Sunday a Ph I study of the gal-1 inh OTX008 to patients with advanced solid tumors http://t.co/lWTANOI09P #Targets13

2013-10-19 21:40:02
Philippe Aftimos, MD @aftimosp

And on Monday: Ph I study of BI 847325, a dual inhibitor of MEK and aurora kinase B, in solid tumors http://t.co/MOekmMklLm #Targets13

2013-10-19 21:41:22
Aaron Meyer @aarmey

Excited for AACR-EORTC-NCI Mol Targets #targets13

2013-10-20 03:56:31
Cancer Cell @Cancer_Cell

Matthew Meyerson kicking off #targets13. Want a sampling? Watch Cell Press webinar on Cancer Genomics http://t.co/HP0EhkOTME

2013-10-20 04:08:06

#Targets13 is underway! Matthew Meyerson of @DanaFarber opens Educ Session 1 with "Somatic alterations in human cancer genomes"...

2013-10-20 04:17:00
Philippe Aftimos, MD @aftimosp

HLA-A mutations are found in squamous cell lung cancer. Biomarker of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors? #Targets13

2013-10-20 04:27:43
Philippe Aftimos, MD @aftimosp

A case report identifies ARAF mutations as a biomarker of response to sorafenib in lung adenocarcinoma #Targets13

2013-10-20 04:28:28
Philippe Aftimos, MD @aftimosp

Statistical methods used in genomics have failed to identify some relevant actionable mutations #Targets13

2013-10-20 04:29:41
Sally Church @MaverickNY

Nice talk from Matthew Meyerson on somatic mutations. ARAF mutations interesting (rare): 5 yr response by pat on sorafenib #targets13

2013-10-20 04:32:05
Sally Church @MaverickNY

Really dislike #targets13 hashtag for this AACR meeting - too long, have to edit tweet every time, miss next part of what presenter says :(

2013-10-20 04:33:30
Winston Liauw @wsliauw

Adaptive Patient-Oriented Longitudinal Learning & Optimization (APOLLO) #Targets13 nice model for @TCRNetwork biobanking

2013-10-20 04:40:44
Sally Church @MaverickNY

Futreal is now discussing the APOLLO big data project at MDACC with a pilot in Leukemia. Must be part of the Moonshots program? #targets13

2013-10-20 04:41:58
Laura Strong @scientre

Futreal from MDA talking leukemia pilot with APOLLO. Massive project just for data connectivity #targets13 http://t.co/cWSWLLGKvc

2013-10-20 04:46:25
Laura Strong @scientre

MT @MaverickNY Theor big data attractive for cancer res but Meyerson already showed statistical methods missed actionable mutns! #targets13

2013-10-20 04:49:38
Sally Church @MaverickNY

Futreal showing substantial subclonal evolution in just 67 multiple myeloma pats. Can see changes during treatment & progression #targets13

2013-10-20 04:53:18
Laura Strong @scientre

"All sorts of patterns emerge" MT @MaverickNY Futreal showing substantial subclonal evolution in just 67 multiple myeloma pats #Targets13

2013-10-20 04:58:42
Sally Church @MaverickNY

@scientre myeloma is simply one of most complex cancers out there, along w/ squamous cell lung cancer. Astonishing heterogeneity #targets13

2013-10-20 05:00:40
Laura Strong @scientre

#targets13 MT @MaverickNY @Aiims1742 Meyerson mentioned TP53 most common mutation across multiple cancers - role for selective TP53 killing?

2013-10-20 05:05:12
Rileen Sinha @RileenSinha

"The later you replicate, the more you mutate" - Gaddy Getz on variable background mutation rates #targets13

2013-10-20 05:19:46
Laura Strong @scientre

Getz talk incl mention of, ways to address false positives in studies of cancer mutations #targets13 http://t.co/HyUib4irLo

2013-10-20 05:30:54
Sally Church @MaverickNY

Nice touch at the break - short video vignettes from cancer pats - remind us what we’re all working for #targets13

2013-10-20 05:41:28


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