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Black Hawk Adventures is the ideal place to go to whether you’re planning for a trail hike or just plain camping. We offer lots of information to help you in prepping for the trip and in deciding what essentials to bring with you. (Though we’re not going to endorse where to buy your outdoor gear, like BlackHawk, we’ll give you honest recommendations for really demanding outdoor trips). 続きを読む
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Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow
I just figured out what I'm gonna be for Halloween. Sofrita Vergara.
Carrie Underwood @carrieunderwood
@Wildaboutmusic: Hey @BradPaisley said if you get lines on @CountryMusic Awards, he gets to play a mountain goat in #TheSoundOfMusic.” Done
KATY PERRY @katyperry
...AND it's national CAT day😻?! This is too much happiness. I am gonna explode! 😩 #tokyo #cats #💣
Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow
This video of a baby reacting to a song is unbelievable. It's the same way I react when I hear the song "Desperado."
Hey Tweeps! Tune in tonight when I chat with #ConanOBrien20 about my new talkshow and much, much more! #QLShow #TBS
KATY PERRY @katyperry
Finally! I'm in my HAPPY place! KONNICHIWA こんにちわ TOKYO! 😜💘🌻🍄🎈🎃🎎🍟🍕🍔☕️🍪🍜🇯🇵 ILY!!!
Britney Spears @britneyspears
Had a lovely time chatting with u all & reading through ur questions!! Hope I gave some good answers ;) XO Muah! #AskBritneyJean
JLow @jlomyboo
@BritneySpears The album release is getting SO close. What is the feeling in this moment? #AskBritneyJean 3
Stella @StellaBTW
@britneyspears What is your favorite song at the moment? love you and your music since first single! #askbritneyjean ((-:
evelyn @rocketbabydoll
@britneyspears Do you have any obsessions atm? I can't wait for new music! follow me please? I love you. ❤️ #AskBritneyJean 10
Frederico Malta @fredericomalta
@britneyspears #qea Britney, can you reveal the name of any other songs on the album?
Britney Spears @britneyspears
.@aPAULinar21 You'll be seeing a fresh perspective on everything #AskBritneyJean
paul santana @aPAULinar21
@britneyspears will we be seeing past videos and costumes come to life on stage of #pieceofme ??#britneytimemachine #AskBritneyJean