re:Invent 11/16-11/18

#reinvent のハッシュタグ11/16-11/18分
Zadara @Zadara

Good morning #reinvent. Yesterday was an expo floor madhouse. Time to make our booth as elastic as our storage!!

2013-11-15 23:25:27
Frank Ho @ColdFusionGuy

Last day of #AWS #reinvent Frank's clothing for this expedition was sponsored by #FHOCompetitiveConcepts #MisterChristmas

2013-11-15 23:34:26
Jamie Begin @rbn_jamie

Volume of tweets about #AWS #reinvent seems to be strangely low this morning. Might be related to the open bar last night for 8k people.

2013-11-15 23:42:20
BestAWS @BestAWS

Axway API Gateway on #AWS offers customers flexibility & scalability for B2B, mobile & cloud integration. #reinvent

2013-11-15 23:46:36
Cloudamize @cloudamize

At @AWSreInvent, stop by Cloudamize's booth, #707, for some treats and to meet the team. #reinvent

2013-11-15 23:52:41
Mark Riffey @MarkRiffey

"Magnetic disk is the new tape" - Amazon CTO Werner Vogels #reinvent

2013-11-16 00:01:50
AWS re:Invent @AWSreInvent

The #reinvent registration desk is now open. Stop by Titian Ballroom on Level 2 if you need to pick up your badge.

2013-11-16 00:01:59
AWS re:Invent @AWSreInvent

#reinvent re:Fresh Breakfast is served until 8:30 AM in Hall G.

2013-11-16 00:02:19
Michael S. Robinson @MSRobinsonNY

@holgermu Glad you could use some of our info for this great presentation. I hope the engagement went well! #reinvent

2013-11-16 00:10:42
Jeff Barr ☁️ (@ 🏠 ) @jeffbarr

Updated AWS SDKs for Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, and Python available at with support for services from #reinvent

2013-11-16 00:10:47
Zadara @Zadara

#NFS and CIFS Options for #AWS - join our session today at 10:15 AM at the Venetian B #reinvent

2013-11-16 00:11:08
Brian Fanzo 🧢 @iSocialFanz

@QuanTechResume: PaaS market to reach $14 billion by 2017, IDC says | PCWorld = big $$$ #reinvent

2013-11-16 00:11:36
Najah Naffah @Najalino

@Werner: today we are lowering Amazon #S3 pricing by app 25% across the board #AWS #reinvent” why not Free storage and billable retrieval ?

2013-11-16 00:12:00
Lorenzo Pasqualis @lpasqualis

Packing up for Seattle. I am about ready to go home after 5 days in Vegas. A last day packed with sessions at #aws #reinvent

2013-11-16 00:16:44
osuhyhul @osuhyhul

* Japan's Aso says #reinvent must retain FX intervention as policy tool

2013-11-16 00:29:20