Yadú Yadid Fereaud @PharaohPhoto
Is it too late for me to train to be Samurai? Saw #47Ronin , i liked it! Love Japanese culture! @… http://t.co/jRu44mFcjk
M A N D O @ABanguis
47 Ronin was a pretty dope movie.
Mariah Jane ✨ @MariahJanexx
47 Ronin was a great movie by the way. I recommend it.
Jonah N @jonah_n
First movie I see in theatres this year is 47 Ronin. Wasn't as bad as I was led to believe.
Alyssa Nichols @EunoiaFit
47 ronin got terrible reviews but I enjoyed it...definitely didn't deserve 11 out of 100
Author: Own Misfortune @vampdavegrohl
REALLY loved the score and art direction / costume / cinematography. Evidenced an impressive passion for making a gorgeous film. #47Ronin
Author: Own Misfortune @vampdavegrohl
Perfect role for Keanu Reeves too: contained, respectful, enduring. Hiroyuki Sanada was excellent as a man driven and changing. #47Ronin
Damla Çamlıca @damlaarcher
#47Ronin is a wonderful movie and #KeanuReeves' best job ever! Wow... Already looking forward to watch another Rinsch/Reeves project! ✌️🙏
Elisabet Kurnia @neeach
47 Ronin:Action: 8/10. Epic, and authentic. They use Japanese actors within this movie to complete the story. #movieReview #47Ronin
patty wap @yopattywap
47 Ronin was pretty badass, fuck rottentomatoes
Shanon Sinn @ShanonSinn
Just watched 47 Ronin. Probably won't win many Oscars this year, but it has some cool imagery & dark Japanese mythology references #47Ronin
Matt DeMent @mdawg433
47 Ronin tho.. Pretty good movie!!
アラン @ATrecida
47 Ronin was decent, good to see Keanu reeves back on the big screen.
LagiLagi @SaraLannz
#47Ronin was AWESOME! Screw that shogun and that witch *JOH*
Laura Record @LoraMo
I don't care what the film critics say, I thought 47 Ronin was great. Wait a minute, I am a film critic - my opinion counts, yay!
Murphey @DPMurphey
47 Ronin has some really creative and beautiful shots in it. I wonder if they shot in Japan
🤗 @CMBogan
It's soooo good! 👌 “@ITakeNoels: I should have seen 47 Ronin”
Chris Buckley @Chris_Buck12
Idc what the critics said. #47Ronin is a great movie if you like Japanese culture and some fantasy elements as well. Keanu reeves is the man
Charlotte Ennis @charlennis
47 Ronin was actually pretty good 👌🎎
Pimpatchara V. @pinenerize
47 Ronin is an awesome movie !!! See it !!!! #47ronin


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