Code4Lib Conference 2014 #‎c4l14‬ (英語有)

2.3μm @0_4qla

#c4l14 is the first conference I will have done prepwork for, that I am not presenting at.

2014-03-20 20:28:59
Becky Yoose @yo_bj

Got an idea for an informal social event for #c4l14 next week? Want to see what others are thinking? Head to

2014-03-20 21:52:22
Becky Yoose @yo_bj

Also, you might want to bookmark You can even add #c4l14 livestreaming reminders to your work calendar #nomeetings

2014-03-20 21:56:32
Solr/Lucene @SolrLucene

Don't miss @ErikHatcher @code4lib next week. Lucene's Latest for Libraries: #c4l14 11:20 on Thurs 3/27.

2014-03-20 23:05:54
E Reynolds @emilyrnlds

Next 2 weeks: field trip to LC's Packard Campus, #c4l14 in Raleigh, #mw2014 in Baltimore. It's exhausting being an #NDSR. In a good way.

2014-03-20 23:47:05
Jason Ronallo @ronallo

Well past time when I should have load tested my #c4l14 presentation. Expect more than 3000 reqs, 100 concurrent once URL shown? #code4lib

2014-03-21 05:02:03
Bess Sadler @eosadler

If you're going to be at #code4lib next week and want to know more about our open jobs, come talk to me! #c4l14

2014-03-21 08:07:39
f͠l̸y̸ìngz͠ù̸͡m̨w҉ @flyingzumwalt

@ranti @declan @mjgiarlo I'll be arriving at #c4l14 on Monday morning. Redeye from Seattle. (long story...)

2014-03-21 22:42:35
Jason Ronallo @ronallo

Want to join me for lunch at Remedy Diner on preconf day? #code4lib #c4l14 #fave

2014-03-22 04:02:45
Becky Yoose @yo_bj

WOOTS! Game night at #c4l14 Wednesday is a go! Watch the Social Activities page for additional info:

2014-03-22 04:38:52
Becky Yoose @yo_bj

And as soon as I refreshed the page, the logistics of #c4l14 game night on Wednesday:

2014-03-22 04:43:02 @parody_bit

Does anyone going to the #c4l14 game night already know how to play Hanabi? I don't want to be responsible for teaching it, alone. :)

2014-03-22 05:09:07
Openly Black El Cromulente @kayiwa

Going to #c4l14 Looking to get some exercise? Shoot me a note if free after Hunt Library Tour for beer exercise

2014-03-22 05:28:18
julesies @julesies

ah Mazzy Star is playing in #norbucks while I'm preparing for #c4l14. Now I'm pretending I'm a student at UC Sunnydale.

2014-03-22 05:36:15
m.a. matienzo @anarchivist

so here's a hacking project: let's make a boyfriend emulator during #c4l14

2014-03-22 09:35:32
Cynthia @TheRealArty

My #c4l14 is a failure before I even present. Got told I did (CC) attribution wrong and colour contrast isn't high enough on a projector =(

2014-03-22 12:22:22
Rosalyn Metz @rosy1280

Shopping for cupcakes for #c4l14. I forgot how expensive produce is on the east coast.

2014-03-23 02:23:19
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