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DH2014 Lausanne @DH2014Lausanne

@Mareike2405 PDF version is available on the website. The printed proceedings are for sale only. #DH2014 @WhatBoutScience -yr

2014-07-04 18:51:51
Emma Donovan @EmmaADonovan

Major/2nd Lieutenant Stephen Grehan served British Royal Field Artillery from 1915 France, Salonika, Mespotamia #TalkingWW1 #dhie #DH2014

2014-07-04 18:56:10
Thomas Kollatz @kol_t

MT @DH2014Lausanne: @Mareike2405 printed proceedings for sale – and schlep – only. #DH2014 @WhatBoutScience -yr – to schlep #Yiddish English

2014-07-04 19:32:56 by @CVCEeu

#FF @DH2014Lausanne | @CVCEeu is delighted to participate in #dh2014 Conference in Lausanne Switzerland next week

2014-07-04 19:40:56
James Cummings @jamescummings

Finished my #DH2014 poster. It is a bit busy, but too late to change it now.

2014-07-04 19:49:46
Élika Ortega @elikaortega

Going / Not going to #dh2014? Please help us by answering a short survey on travel expenses & funding

2014-07-04 20:03:47
Martin Wynne @MartinJWynne

Using CLARIN for Digital Research - tutorial workshop at #dh2014 #clarineric

2014-07-04 20:22:36
Frederike Neuber @FrederikeNBR

MY Element of the day <placeName where="I don't know">Adapter</placeName> #dh2014 #gettingreadyfor14hoursontrain

2014-07-04 20:57:38
Dr. Anna Jobin @annajobin

Great initiative: @achdotorg's Newcomers' Dinner at #DH2014 Nice to see Café des Artisans & the likes on the list :)

2014-07-04 21:54:47
Dr. Anna Jobin @annajobin

#DH2014 Popular Lausanne places not on the list: Café de Grancy, Au Chat Noir, Chez Mario, The Great Escape. All different budgets/tastes.

2014-07-04 21:59:43
Luise Borek @luiseborek

MT @annajobin: #DH2014 Popular Lausanne places not on the list: Café de Grancy, Au Chat Noir, Chez Mario, The Great Escape.

2014-07-04 22:08:45
GeoHumanities SIG @GeoHum_SIG

GeoHumanities dinner meetup Wed, July9, Les Brasseurs (Rue Centrale 4), 19:00. Depart EPFL 18:15. DM to RSVP #DH2014Geo #DH2014

2014-07-04 22:13:59
CulturePlex Lab @cultureplex

Team's last day at the lab before traveling to #DH2014 Thrilled to be sharing our work and meeting everyone! Find us and say hi!

2014-07-04 22:29:08
CulturePlex Lab @cultureplex

We're leading a workshop Tue AM too–Curation, Mangement & Analysis of Highly Connected Data in the Humanities… #DH2014

2014-07-04 22:34:25
Niels-O. Walkowski @cutuchiqueno

@MaxJ_K #DH2014 looks like copy of #DH2012 in Hamburg, difference: #Hamburg is known for its challenging #weather conditions ;-)

2014-07-04 23:21:16
Ian Milligan @ianmilligan1

Finishing touches on #dh2014 slides - presenting ‘clustering search to navigate a case study of WARCs,’ Thurs @ 11am.

2014-07-05 00:09:43