第26回国際鳥類学会議(26th International Ornithological Congress)のツイートまとめ

2014年8月18日〜24日まで開催されている、第26回国際鳥類学会議に関するツイートをまとめました。 主に#IOC26 をつけてツイートされたものをまとめました。 Bringing tweets about 26th International Ornithological Congress. (Aug. 18 - 24, 2014) Mainly, tweets with hashtag #IOC26 are take in. 続きを読む
Yuri Hiranuma @YuriHiranuma

ムソー教授が立教大学で開催される国際鳥類学会議で8月21日10amから講演されるらしい。演題は、「S34 鳥や他の生物への放射線影響:チェルノブイリ、福島、そしてその先」……

2014-08-07 16:31:19
Aeroecology @Aero_Eco

Schedule of talks for #IOC26 is online - at - this session looks interesting. #ornithology

2014-08-13 01:30:45
J. of Avian Biology @AvianBiology

We appreciate suggestions of interesting talks/posters to attend at #IOC26 Will you give a presentation? Let us know! #Ornithology

2014-08-13 22:28:35
Daniel Ksepka @KsepkaLab

Great penguin themed day - working on penguin talk for IOC26, new articles to read, & penguin bones arrive for project with @sarahwerning

2014-08-14 10:54:09
Reiko Kurosawa @soochang7

IOC26 in 2014 Tokyo is full of cultural events besides ornithology. P15 (birds and nature of Japan) & P20 (art) of…

2014-08-14 13:18:09
shorebird @shorebird2000


2014-08-14 14:49:46
Dr Elwyn Sharps @ElwynSharps

On my way to Tokyo for #ioc26 hoping to see @natsuki0530 playing harmonica too. He's a friend of @stularsen :)

2014-08-14 15:06:20
Pablo Salmon @Pablukas

Looking forward to discuss our results on the impact of urbanization on birds. I encourage you to visit our poster! #IOC26 @AvianBiology

2014-08-14 20:12:11
J. of Avian Biology @AvianBiology

RT @ElwynSharps I have a poster "direct and indirect effects of grazing on nest mortality of #redshank breeding on #saltmarsh" #IOC26

2014-08-14 21:25:27
Chris Elphick @ssts

Will be talking saltmarsh #SHARPbirds at Tsukuba University on Saturday, see Then rice field birds at #ioc26

2014-08-14 22:14:23
Chris Elphick @ssts

First bird species identified at Narita en route to #IOC26 was the same as the last seen before leaving Chicago ...

2014-08-14 22:14:49
いしだ けん @chichibugera

@ssts Welcome ! to Japan, hope enjoy nature, culture, people, everyone #ioc26

2014-08-14 23:57:37
いしだ けん @chichibugera

Two groups of five, mid congress tour to Mt. Fuji, will visit here. #ioc26

2014-08-15 05:16:10
いしだ けん @chichibugera

Japanese Green Woodpecker, Bush Warbler, Great Tits, Nature Live Sound… #ioc26

2014-08-15 05:18:22
Dave Burt @DavidBurt8

@KathyBelov hi Kathy how's life down under? I am off to Japan next week IOC26 :0)

2014-08-15 06:32:43
Kathy Belov @KathyBelov

@DavidBurt8 what IOC26? All good. Looking forward to visiting in October!

2014-08-15 06:34:51
Dave Burt @DavidBurt8

@KathyBelov international ornithological congress, THE conference for birds #nature #birds

2014-08-15 06:38:27
Johan Nilsson @_Jni_

Seems to be some confusion about the # for IOC in Japan next week - I think the official tag is #IOC26 and NOT #IOC2014 #ornithology

2014-08-15 08:19:48
BOU 👩🏻‍🏫👨🏿‍🏫🧕🏽👳🏽‍♂️ 🌈 @IBIS_journal

Its #IOC26 next week. Look for our tweets linking @IBIS_journal papers to plenary and symposia topics - and all free to view during IOC week

2014-08-15 19:01:19
Tatsuya Amano @tatsuya_amano

Waiting for my flight ar Heathrow. Haven't seen anyone with binoculars yet.. #IOC26

2014-08-16 02:12:17
J. of Avian Biology @AvianBiology

Next week we will of course be in Tokyo and tweet about the latest #ornithology research! Follow #IOC26 for conference tweets!

2014-08-16 04:33:32


Takeshi Shirai @urbanheron 2014年8月24日
#IOC26 is finished today. Many tweets are brought here (unofficial site). Thank you for coming and have a nice birding!
Takeshi Shirai @urbanheron 2014年8月24日
#IOC26 は本日終了しまして、これまでにタグつきtweetされたものを中心にまとめました。皆様おつかれさまでした。
Takeshi Shirai @urbanheron 2014年8月27日