My #velocityconf Day 1

takus @takus_ja

#velocityconf day1 started. (at Santa Clara Convention Center) [pic] —

2015-05-28 01:07:23
takus @takus_ja

Why can't we run applications on our datacenters just like we run applications on our mobile phones? #velocityconf

2015-05-28 01:12:15
takus @takus_ja

Great intoroduction of mesos/marathon/dcos. They seems useful for building distributed systems. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 02:23:00
takus @takus_ja

But other solutions like Amazon ECS may be fit for our current system. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 02:24:09
Simon Hearne @simonhearne

Looking forward to hearing @ChrisLove crack the nut of performant SPAs! #velocityconf

2015-05-28 02:56:50
takus @takus_ja

Agree the idea "The web is Obese" #velocityconf

2015-05-28 03:30:29
LoadImpact @LoadImpact

.@ChrisLove says the web is obese. Check out the average website's makeup. #VelocityConf

2015-05-28 03:33:53
David Genn @david_genn

If a team fails a performance threshold, they must stop everything and fix it @ancestry #velocityconf

2015-05-28 03:37:28
Peter Arijs @p_arijs

Common #webperf best practices by @ChrisLove on SPAs (and in general) - still many overlooked #velocityconf

2015-05-28 04:06:02
Kenton Williston @kentonwilliston

"Performance is a feature" -Gopal Brugalette Applied Architect Nordstrom #velocityconf

2015-05-28 04:14:25
takus @takus_ja

In tradditional monitoring, every components are separated. Nagios, cacti and log system has its own collector & dashboard. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 05:47:14
takus @takus_ja

It would be better by using more modern tools like sensu, statsd and logstash. But it's not enough. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 05:50:21
takus @takus_ja

Meaure as much as possible. Alert on as little as possible. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 06:07:22
takus @takus_ja

As the speaker says, machine learning is really important for monitoring. Difficult to identify the problems without it. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 06:14:31
takus @takus_ja

And it's the one of some reasons I transfered to the company that I'm working on. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 06:18:37
takus @takus_ja

"What's next? - Merge Kibana & grafana to one page" #velocityconf

2015-05-28 06:51:00
takus @takus_ja

“Heka is an open source stream processing software system” / “Heka — Heka 0.9.2 documentation”

2015-05-28 06:52:44
Brendan Gregg @brendangregg

I'm at #velocityconf, giving a Linux perf tools tutorial in Ballroom AB at 3:30pm

2015-05-28 06:54:47
takus @takus_ja

One of audiences asked to the speaker about fluentd, an oss data collector. I like the tool & use it in production. #velocityconf

2015-05-28 06:58:03
Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout

Microservices can be best represented as hexes, says @samnewman (this reminds me of Settlers of Catan!) #velocityconf

2015-05-28 07:38:18
Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout

"Every organization I know that's embraced microservices at scale has a culture of automation built in." @samnewman #velocityconf

2015-05-28 07:49:27