INQUA 2015 Nagoya Day 1 (July 26)

A compilation of tweets associated with XIX INQUA Nagoya ( #INQUA2015 ), posted on Sunday, July 26, 2015. Please inform @yaskondo if you want to add your tweets. Tweets before this day: Conference website: Conference twitter: @INQUA2015Nagoya
INQUA2015-Nagoya @INQUA2015Nagoya

More than 100 followers !! Thank you for following us! #INQUA2015 will get start tomorrow! #Nagoya

2015-07-26 00:05:34
INQUA2015-Nagoya @INQUA2015Nagoya

[Lunch]#INQUANagoya Various kinds of lunch are prepared for you. Here is the lunch map at the congress center.#nagoya

2015-07-26 00:07:12
Heather Haines @Dendro_Heather

First day in Japan for #INQUA2015 had a great Spanish dinner then a drink at an Irish pub = cultural experience!!!

2015-07-26 00:46:14
Becky Wragg Sykes @LeMoustier

Finishing talk for #INQUA Project 1502P…, that @suzie_birch will give on 29th, in Project 1404's session #INQUA2015

2015-07-26 01:46:37
Tom Roland @ThomasPRoland

Watching the sunrise on Mt Fuji, we made our last push for the summit at 1:30am. Well worth it! #Fuji #INQUA2015

2015-07-26 04:36:36
Tom Roland @ThomasPRoland

Some of the @ExeterGeography #INQUA2015 contingent at the 7.5 Station hut on Mt Fuji. 3090m up. #Fuji

2015-07-26 04:39:36
Steven J Phipps @StevenJPhipps

At Tokyo Narita. Stunning views of Fuji-san on our descent. Hot and humid even inside the terminal building. Next stop, Nagoya. #INQUA2015

2015-07-26 07:26:10
Steven J Phipps @StevenJPhipps

I could happily spend the next eight days in the massage chairs here at Tokyo Narita. But no, #INQUA2015 beckons!

2015-07-26 09:12:08
Keely Mills @KeelyMills

At Tokyo Central awaiting the super fast Nozomi to Nagoya for #INQUA2015 #fb

2015-07-26 10:03:07
Amy Jeffrey @Amy_J_87

Taking the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya for the start of #INQUA2015 @Emma_J_Loftus

2015-07-26 12:05:32
Althea Davies @PalyAlly

Thinking of last wks coring trip to calm mossy Migdale & Ledmore @WoodlandTrust while sweltering in Nagoya #INQUA2015

2015-07-26 12:13:26
Lewis Collins @Lew_Earth

Arrived in Nagoya ready for #INQUA2015! Find me to learn more about high impact open access publishing with Nature Communications.

2015-07-26 12:37:42
Yasuhisa Kondo 近藤康久 @yaskondo

I'll talk on replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans from ecological viewpoint at an #INQUA2015 public lecture.

2015-07-26 13:38:44
David Nash @davidjnash

Brighton coach station. Regretting decision to travel to Nagoya in shorts. Still, this is last time I'll be cold for 8 days. #INQUA2015

2015-07-26 14:19:17
Dr Nicki Whitehouse @Fossilbeetle

Will shortly be leaving for very important reception representing HABCOM. Feeling overwhelmed and honoured. #INQUA2015.

2015-07-26 14:45:19
Open Quaternary @OpenQuaternary

Here at #INQUA2015 and ready to talk to you about sumitting a paper to! Find me at the icebreaker-I'm @suzie_birch!

2015-07-26 15:28:01
Dr Andrew Henderson 💙 @palaeoisotopes

Right off to #INQUA2015 @INQUA2015Nagoya registration and ice breaker, hope there's some shade #fb

2015-07-26 15:35:09
Juliet Sefton @SeftonGeo

@GIShaun Fuji-san looks very naked! Must be warm.. Enjoy Nagoya! #INQUA2015

2015-07-26 15:42:02